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Between all of the hauls and reviews that are put out into the world, it can be hard to know what products people truly love and what people have just included to get numbers up or because they have been paid to say it. We are all guilty of it, only trying products a few times saying that we like them and something new comes along which you fall in love with. We live in a very exciting time for beauty with lots of new products being launched all the time, and with the rise of Instagram, it has become incredibly easy to be sucked into a hype. 

However i think it is important to recognise the products that you always go to and that you know are going to work. I used to love watching peoples favourite videos but as it becomes harder to trust whether or not someone had been paid to say good things about a product i have stopped engaging in them so much. As this is my birthday week i thought it would be a good time to share with you some of my absolute favourite products. There aren't many as i do like to change a lot of the products i use regularly so it takes a lot for me to truly love a product but these are the products that if i lost my whole collection i would need to go out and pick up another one straight away.

Lets start with palettes, i love both of these palettes for different reasons. One has come into my possession only recently but i haven't put it down since i got it and the other has been a real project which took time to curate. I'll start with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, this has been everywhere recently after it was re-released a second time. I just think Too Faced got the colour balance right, they have nude shades which can be worn everyday but also some more colourful shades so if you are feeling a bit more playful or want to be a bit more adventurous with your look you can. It has a great range of matte and shimmer shades with none of them being overly glittery. The shadows are buttery and blend together beautifully which makes it easy for anyone to use, even me who lets face it, is pretty crappy when it comes to eye looks. I know this palette is good as even my younger brother has heard of it and he has no clue about anything beauty.

The second palette is of course my MAC Palette which i spent well over a year slowly picking and buying the shadows for it. A lot of the shadows look the same but they are shades i knew i would wear. There is a reason i don't have a highlight shade or a black which is because i don't need it, i never use these sorts of shades and i have them in other palettes if i do think i need them. 
I like that i was able to do this and tailor the palette to shades i would actually use. I made sure to have a mix of finishes but most of them contain shimmer just because that is what i like. There is a mix of warm and cool toned shadows that span from light to dark so i can do any kind of nude look i want. I won't lie, this was an expensive way of doing it especially since MAC have lower the price of their pre-made ones but i wouldn't have had the same enjoyment i've had out of this one, not only through using it but also in the process of picking the shades for it. I completed this back in September last year and i am still super pleased with the result. 

There aren't many base products that i truly love just because i think it is something that can easily be changed quite regularly and i actually think the base is the most boring part of make-up. However i do have two staple products which have long been favourites and i couldn't do without them. I definitely wear Estee Lauder's Double Wear everyday and this is probably my fourth bottle of it. It has amazing coverage without ever looking cakey. You can apply a small amount or you can go hard for a night out. It is the longest wearing foundation i have ever found and that alone is why i love it so much. The only annoying thing about it is that Estee Lauder do not do a pump for it however the MAC foundation pump fits even if you do have to bend the tube inside the bottle.

The second face product is one i didn't want to love this much but i just couldn't help it and it is Champagne Pop by Becca. I didn't want to love it on the simple basis that everyone always raved about it however when i tried it i got the hype. This is a serious highlighter which really makes you glow for the gods. As someone who is super pale i really struggle to find a highlighter which looks good on my skin but i truly believe this highlight must suit everyone. I use this pretty much everyday as i am really into a strong highlight and nothing quite compares to this one. I don't think i will be running out of it anytime soon as i have a Champagne Pop compact, the Champagne Collection Face Palette which has another pan in it and a Split Pan which has it in as well. I think i will probably be using these for the rest of my life even if i don't like it anymore.

Something i could talk about all day, everyday would be lipsticks, i just bloody love them. I love the way a certain shade of lipstick can pull together a whole make up look. With the right lipstick you can look pulled together even if you don't feel it. I have narrowed it down to some of my favourite lipstick brands and also my favourite formulas. Lets get it out of the way as i have spoken about this brand a thousand times, Tom Ford. If you have ever read my blog before you will know that i love Tom Ford lipsticks. I love the feeling i get when i apply one and i also love the shade ranges and the formulas. The matte lipsticks are some of the most comfortable i've worn and the shimmer in the more glossy lipsticks is never too much. They make some truly incredible shades and if i am ever looking to treat myself Tom Ford is one of my go to brands as you will find out in tomorrows post.

I feel like this can't be a round up of favourite products without MAC lipsticks, they are just classic products. MAC do such an incredible shade range it is actually overwhelming but when i find a shade i end up loving it. MAC lipsticks are some of the only ones i ever use enough to completely use them up, i've finished a tube of Velvet Teddy and Peach Blossom which are two of my favourite shades ever and i also have one of each on constant rotation. When i have a shade in mind i know i can go to MAC and find it. MAC lipsticks were the first high end lipsticks i ever really tried and i credit them for giving me the confidence to wear lipstick but also for my love of make up in general.

My final lipstick favourite is Lolita by Kat Von D, The other two were more about the brands in general whereas this is all about this specific lipstick. Not only does this lipstick take me back to the most incredible holiday ever, as that is when i bought it but this has fast become one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. If i am stuck with what to wear this is just super easy to throw on and i know it is just going to last. I don't need to worry about topping it up or smearing it all over my face as it dries down super quickly but it isn't drying and doesn't exaggerate my lip lines too much. Before this lipstick i would never have worn a nude this brown before but the rose tone to it just saves it and gives my face the bit of life it so desperately needs. I love this lipstick and i am so glad Kat Von D had come to the UK so i can buy tube after tube of this lipstick.

That is the end of my holy grail make up items but i also wanted to share with you my favourite fragrance which comes from Jo Malone London which is Peony and Blush Suede. Pretty much everyone loves this fragrance in the blogging world but for my friends it is my scent, no one else wears it and no one else had really heard of it before i started wearing it. I have the full collection, other than the Luxury Candle they just launched but at £300 i think this could be a long wait. For me the scent epitomises femininity without being overly sweet. It is definitely a floral fragrance but it doesn't smell too much like my Nan. It has Red Apple in the top note which gives it a crispness without being too fruity. This slowly softens into the Peony, which in my mind is very extravagant as lets face it Peonies aren't cheap, but also the body of the flower itself is very full and over the top. Then the suede in the base gives it texture without being too heavy or masculine. I love this fragrance for my home and for my body, i just can't get enough of it. 

So those are my top picks when it comes to make up and scent, as i said at the start there aren't many products that i class as my all time favourites but these definitely count towards that status. I always think beauty should be fun and never taken seriously which is why i don't love too many products because i really just don't care enough in reality and i don't think anyone should. I have written blog posts on pretty much all of these products so i will leave links below in case you want to read more about any of these. 

Let me know if any of these would make your top picks and if not any of them, what would be a top pick for you, either leave a comment or message me on twitter @SophaaRambles

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