Being Sucked in by the Hype

It happens all of the time, a product is promoted and reviewed by every blogger that ever existed so you automatically assume it is going to be the best thing to have been created and it is going to change your world. You rush out to buy it to see if you love it just as much, get it home and apply as much of it as you can. Sometimes the hype is completely worth it and you feel fully justified in spending your money however some products are built up to disappoint you.

They don't always disappoint you because they are shitty quality but it could be that you don't use it as much as you thought you would or it just wasn't worth the money. I try to make the most of any products i buy even if it means using them in an unconventional way. The problem is with some products there is no justifying it and i thought i would share with you some of the disappointing products i have in my collection. For the most part if i don't like something i will try and give it to one of my friends who i think will make it work so i don't retain too much but these are ones i can't part with.

I'll start with the product that i feel needs the most justification for being in this post and it is the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. Some of you might be surprised to see this as i do love Champagne Pop. I cannot fault the quality of this palette, all of the formulas are incredible and highly pigmented. I am just disappointed because i don't use it as much as i thought i would. I already had a pan of Champagne Pop and when i bought this palette i also bought one of the Becca Split Pans. I bought the one with Champagne Pop/Flowerchild and i bought this because i wanted to try the blush and i love it, the combination with my skin tone is one of my favourite products. The blushes in the face palette are a little bit too bright for me so i just don't gravitate towards them. 

Also this has Prosecco Pop in it which i don't like as much as Champagne Pop. I just bought it because i really wanted to have Prosecco Pop and if i had known they were going to release it on its own i would have waited and bought that. They have literally just released it as an individual highlight. I was also heavily influenced by the amount this featured on Instagram, i mean the packaging is beautiful and it looks great in pictures but this really wasn't a reason to buy it. This palette cost almost £50 so it annoys me that i don't use this as much as i should.

The next item i spoke about in another post not so long ago so if you read that you will be aware of my problems with the Beauty Blender. For those of you who haven't read it, i will link it below but i'll summarize it here. This has to be one of the most talked about products within the beauty community and for the most part people love it but for me it is a waste of time. I hate the way you have to use it to apply foundation, i prefer it for concealer application but i don't really use the concealers which you would need a beauty blender for. I don't like the process of having to repeatedly tap my face and for me it doesn't give an even coverage. I am willing to admit i probably don't use it correctly but i just don't have the time to use it in the mornings when i am in a rush to get to work. For me my Bobbi Brown Face Brush is much easier to use. I wanted to love the Beauty Blender because so many people talk about it but for me it just doesn't work and i regret spending £16 on a sponge.

Speaking of Bobbi Brown i actually have a palette that i don't like at all. Even now i haven't really tried much from Bobbi Brown but they are famed for having good basic products which work well. I saw this palette on a counter a few years ago for Christmas and thought it was super cute and a good way of trying some of their eyeshadows. When i swatched it i thought the shades were beautiful but when i started using my brushes in it, it had hardly any pigment. The foil shades are really hard to work with and disappointed me because they looked so beautiful but they don't work very well, they are basically just a glitter. You really have to spend time building these shadows up which is slightly annoying. The only justification i can give this palette is that it is a smaller one so i would hope that their standard shadows are a better quality than these.

The next product is a weird one for me and it is the Benefit Porefessional Primer. I have had this tube for quite a while now so i should probably get rid of it but i have hardly touched it. I go through phases of thinking this is the best primer ever and then after a few weeks of using it i change my mind and can't stand it. I'm still not sure if i like this but i rarely use it anymore just because i think it does cause me to break out. For some bloggers this is a holy grail product but for me, i don't hate it but at the same time this definitely is one of my favourites. 

As you know i try a lot of lip products as it is one of my favourite items to try so of course there are a few which i don't really like. I currently have two which come to mind when i think about disappointing products. The first is actually from Charlotte Tilbury, don't get me wrong some of her lipsticks i love but some i don't like as much. Personally i find the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks quite inconsistent with the formula. Some are really long lasting and some do not have good pigmentation and will only wear for an hour. This particular shade which i don't like is called Miss Kensington which was limited edition lipstick part of the Norman Parkinson collection she did a few summers ago. I went to London for the day to do some shopping and went on a hunt for this lipstick as i had seen it on a lot of blogs and i saw Millie Mackintosh using it and i really wanted it. I took it home and i don't feel like the colour was very good and it wore off very quickly. After looking to get this lipstick for so long i was very disappointed with it. I was also disappointed by Miranda May which is part of the Hot Lips collection, i have the same problem, the colour is beautiful but it just doesn't last. 

The final product comes from Clinique back in the day everyone would talk about the Pop Lip Colour and Primer lipsticks and the formula just isn't for me. Clinique have since released in a matte formula which i would probably prefer. I bought the shade Nude Pop which is actually really nice. These are quite moisturising but they have glitter in it which personally i hate and as this lipstick wears off the glitter remains on your lips. This was spoken about so much at the time that i wanted to give it a go but personally this wasn't for me and i never use it. 

This is all about person opinion, just because i don't like something doesn't mean that you shouldn't like it. For me personally these aren't products i tend to use and there has been an element of disappointment about them all but if you like them that's ok.

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