Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

It's time, i know this is the review you've all been waiting for and here it is, my thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I don't think anyone is fed up of highlighters yet and companies seem to be bringing them out quicker than i can buy them. Eventually it will happen, in 10 years time we will all look back at pictures and wonder why on Earth we thought a shiny cheek was a good idea. But at the moment the highlight trend seems to growing even more and it is all about that strong highlight.

Another incredibly popular trend within beauty at the moment is for brands to work with youtubers/bloggers instead of 'celebrities.' Endorsements have always existed but it was always with celebs. I guess influencers have become celebs in their own right but its a bit like reality TV stars they aren't A-Listers. However they have a mass appeal and can really sell a product. A good example of this is the collaboration between Anastasia Beverly Hills and Nicole Guerriero. Without the power of the internet and the blogging community i probably would not have considered buying this but instead i rushed to buy it the moment it went on to Sephora. This might sound like shade and in some ways it is but it sells products so who i am to argue with it. Plus some of my favourite products have been collaborations. This product has been so hyped by everyone but is the hype truly worth it? 

Well as with every product it depends on what you are looking for. I am willing to show my ignorance but prior to this i hadn't heard of Nicole, i've never seen her videos and i know absolutely nothing about her which means i can look at the product without the influence of liking the person it is affiliated with. No matter what if you want to like a product you can usually find a way to justify it whether its because it has been backed by your favourite youtuber or you just love the brand. I do like Anastasia Beverly Hills as a brand, i like their liquid lipsticks but other than that i haven't tried many of their products. This palette isn't widely available in the UK so not that many UK beauty bloggers have spoken about this palette. I saw Jeffree Star talk about this and when i saw the swatches he did i immediately wanted it as they looked stunning. 

So lets take a look at the actual palette. It has six different shades which are all completely different and it was $40. For the price i actually think the amount of product you get in this is well worth it especially when you consider one of the Becca highlighters is $38. I ordered mine from the US from Sephora which is why all of the prices are in dollars. You can buy this from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website for £39 which works out slightly cheaper but i didn't realise this at the time of ordering. One thing i do have to question is why is this palette £39 when the Ultimate Glow Kit is £47? Not that i am complaining. This palette is a tiny bit smaller but i have heard better reviews for the Nicole Guerriero palette than the Ultimate Glow Kit; If you look at it this way the Nicole Guerriero palette is much more reasonably priced. 

As i said in my second Sephora haul, i was incredibly worried about this product arriving broken as online so many palettes were broken in pictures i had seen. I did spend £3 on extra packaging so mine was fine when it arrived and i couldn't have been more thrilled. The packaging for the palette is pretty - a baby pink with shimmer throughout. The palette looks really cute but not kitsch like Too Faced packaging so i feel like anyone would want this in their collection.

I have used each shade and put each of them to the test which is why it has taken me so long to write this review. Before i bought this i went online to read some reviews to see if i wanted to spend $40 on it. The big question online is whether or not the shades have glitter in them. A lot of people say no but in my opinion they definitely do, admittedly some more than others but all of them do have glitter in. When you swatch them you won't see much of the glitter but the more they are sheered out the more you see the glitter. As i said some are more glittery than others like; Daydream and Kitty Kat. They all provide a sheen which gives an almost wet look glow which is beautiful and makes it worth all that glitter in my opinion.

Each shade is very different and they are designed to be worn together. I think i have three favourite shades at the moment; Kitty Kat, Forever Young and Glo Getter. They all fit in with some of my favourite make up looks as they are a mix of cooler and warmer tones. I don't really wear 143 or Forever Lit, they are stunning shades but a little bit too much for me. I think Daydream is a beautiful shade but it most definitely contains the most glitter. It is annoying because i do love the colour and i think it would be beautiful for the summer. However i don't want to be glittering like Edward Cullen all summer long. Kitty Kat in my opinion is an acceptable level of glitter. To hide the glitter of Kitty Kat and to make it more of a glow i love to wear it with the Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Highlighter. I warn you if you want to try this combination that you will be glowing for gods and beyond. It is super strong but it will be blinding people all day. The pigmentation of the whole palette is great so you need to like a strong glow to truly appreciate its beauty. 

(Left-Right: Kitty Kat, Modern Mercury, Combination of both)
For me, this palette is gorgeous. I love the effect it has on my cheeks and personally in this case i don't mind the glitter (except Daydream.) Even though i had never heard of Nicole i was still sucked into the hype of this product however i am completely in love with it and i've been using it everyday since it arrived at my house. If you don't like a glittery highlight this palette isn't going to be for you. You will probably like a few of the shades but Daydream is a glitter fest and Kitty Kat is bordering on being too glittery. At $40 i think this was a great buy and luckily due to the size of the pans i don't think i will be running out of it anytime soon. If you have been thinking about buying this, i highly recommend doing so (if you think you can deal with the glitter that is.) For those in the UK this is still available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website but it is now out of stock on Sephora so you need to check your local stores. I must admit i did expect it to sell out sooner but i'm guessing they predicted the mass hysteria this would induce within the blogging community and for once made a large quantity. 

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