An Outfit for a Big Night Out

Back in the day when i was a young 18 year old student with no responsibilities, when a 9am lecture was a ridiculously early start and i would do anything to avoid anything too taxing. I used to enjoy going out at least twice a week and in between then i was probably meeting people for casual drinks. No one would bat an eye lid at a student drinking in the middle of the day and it is a very well known tradition of student life. However all of this has changed in recent years.

Even in my final year of university i didn't have as much time to go out as i was too busy battling my dissertation and the thousands of essays i had to write. My final year was a struggle but it is now long behind me. When i left university i went straight into working, albeit in a clothing store but still i took my role seriously and didn't go out as much.

Over the years i've been working, my partying has died down (apart from a few months last year where once again i ended up going out twice a week) now i am back to my old granny ways, i would much rather go out for cocktails or not at all. So when the opportunity comes for me to go out and put on my my dancing shoes, i like to go all out. 

I've always liked to have new outfits to go out in but when i was a student i didn't have enough money to buy my drinks let alone an outfit. I wore the same black bodycon bandeau dress over and over until it had so many stains from drinks that had been spilled down it that i had to find a replacement. As i don't go out much anymore and i make a little bit more money i can treat myself to new dresses more often.

It just happens that last weekend i was invited to one of my colleagues leaving party and it was going to be a big night so in anticipation i went to my favourite website, Missguided and looked for something new. Missguided have so many dresses it is ridiculous but i always find something i like.

I spent a good week trying to find something different compared to what i usually go for. Normally i like a bandeau dress so i wanted to try something new. I can not go for anything too low because i literally have no boobs so i have to wear a bra for there to even be a little peek of boob. I spotted a few dresses i liked but one stuck with me which was the Grey Bonded Faux Suede Strappy Bodycon Dress. Link to the Dress

Look at that glow girrrrrlllll

Now as i said this isn't something i would usually go for because it is a bit low cut for me but i felt like i wanted to branch out and expand my wardrobe. Even though i do feel insecure about my boobs, i am trying to learn to love them and i thought this might be a good way to get over it and not give a shit. Plus if Ariana Grande can feel confident with her small boobs, why can't i. So i ordered it in a size 4 and prayed that it wasn't too low cut.

The thing i liked about this dress was that it is bodycon which is a style i usually go for as i am skinny so why not make the most of it. I liked the dripped hem at the sides of the dress, which in theory should give me a little bit more curve, which it kind of does but in fairness i need a lot of help. Even though it has straps they are't chunky straps which is something that makes my small frame look supple. Plus i was intrigued by the faux suede, i am very plain in my usual choice of dress so this seems a little bit different and slightly more trend based. At £28 you can't really go wrong and i got a little bit of discount because Missguided always have some form of money off code. 

I always read the reviews before buying anything on Missguided because the quality is very hit and miss, especially with anything white. A lot of people were complaining about the straps and said that theirs broke. Mine were fine in that respect and there was actually no way they were going to break as they had no pressure on them. On me the straps were a little bit too big so they weren't really helping to keep the dress up nor keeping my boobs in. Throughout the night i did have to keep pulling my dress up to make sure the girls didn't fall out. I can imagine if there was much pressure on these straps they would break because they are only sewn on with a tiny bit of thread so if you buy this dress i would recommend sewing them up a little bit yourself. 

My only other problem with the dress is more of a minor detailing problem that just annoys me and shows that it is a cheap garment. I mean who uses a white zip on a grey dress? Detailing like this is how you know if something is expensive, a brand that wants to sell you something above the average spend is not going to want something super obvious like the wrong colour zip stopping them from selling something. I feel like Missguided know they can get away with cheap detailing because idiots like me buy it anyway. This was super cheap so i can't complain but it just displeases me and causes the dress to look slightly tacky.

When i ordered the dress i wasn't 100% sure if i was going to like it, so i decided to buy a pair of shoes, just in case i had to wear an old dress. Plus my favourite going out shoes, my Ted Baker ones, need re-heeling. I had seen the Silver Rounded Strap Barely There Sandals (Link to the Shoes) on the Missguided Instagram feed and fell in love instantly. They are super metallic shiny silver shoes which are very popular at the moment. I thought these shoes were a great way of incorporating the trend into my wardrobe without going all out. I saw In the Frow talk about looking for a pair of boots with this metallic finish which also inspired me to try this look. When i knew i was getting the dress i figured i would order these as well because £20 is an acceptable amount to spend on a very trend led piece.

When they arrived they were everything i expected and i was very pleased with them. They are very plasticy which isn't great but at £20 you can't expect anything else. However other than that they are quite good quality for something so cheap. I will say that these are some of the most uncomfortable shoes i have ever worn! They rub and cut in to you on both the straps as they are rounded and quite bold. I haven't worn them for long but i could see it being a problem on a night out. I do tend to struggle with all shoes when i first buy them but over time and with a little bit more wear any shoe is going to be more comfy.

I didn't end up wearing these out as i was in London during the day and had to come back for the leaving party so i wanted something a little bit more comfortable, plus i wasn't sure how far we were going to have to walk so i thought a heeled boot would be best. I did wear the dress and i was very pleased with the way it looked and the way it fitted. As i said, i wore it with chunky heeled boots and my leather jacket to give me a little bit of warmth and to make the dress suit my style.

Other than the straps and the detailing, i did really enjoy wearing this dress and i might even wear it again, if i am invited on another night out soon. I think i will be more likely to wear the heels as they can be worn with a pair of jeans and elevate a day time look so i will keep you posted with how i get on with them. Personally i recommend Missguided for any going out outfits you might need as they are usually good quality for the price and they always have some form of discount if you look for it. I got 25% off my order and i only paid £1.99 for next day delivery, what a bargain.

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