Too Faced: Sweet Peach Palette

Over the past two years Too Faced have dominated new product launches and have quickly become a very popular make up brand due to their super cute packaging and amazing products. Where Benefit fail to make young packaging relevant for an older market, lets face it, all of their products looks like beginners make up for a high price. Somehow Too Faced has managed to keep the over 20s interested in their more Kitsch designs. Recently they were acquired by Estee Lauder for the ludicrous sum of $1.4 Billion dollars which is no small amount. This just shows the popularity of the brand and also the marketability of the brand. 

Too Faced was never a brand i really bought in to. I've always heard about their eyeshadow palettes and the Better than Sex Mascara is one of the favourites at the moment but i had never tried any of their products. Considering they are spoken about so much this surprises even me but it isn't the most widely available brand. In Bristol the only counter is in Debenhams and to be honest it is quite small and pretty rubbish, which in itself put me off. Recently all i have heard about online is the Sweet Peach Palette and after seeing thousands of pictures of it i was highly intrigued to see it in person. 

I was in Debenhams on the weekend and they had a whole stand dedicated to the Sweet Peach range that has just been launched. The palette is a re-stock after it sold out super quickly last year but they have added a contour palette, a blusher and some lip glosses to the range. None of the other bits really got my attention quite like this palette so when i saw the stand i picked one up. 

What i instantly loved about this palette is that it is very neutral, there are no really bright colours which you would never wear but it still has a little bit of colour to it. The six shades on the left hand side are basically the sort of nude palette i would usually buy however this also contains a very wearable Khaki shade, a purple and a blue which i would be less likely to wear. The only other shades i wouldn't wear are the two pinky shades (Just Peachy and Candied Peach) but as my friend pointed out they would be great blush shades. Overall this palette is very wearable for every eye colour but it also gives you the option of branching out.

No wonder everyone raves about the formulation of these shadows, they are very buttery and the blend together beautifully. There is hardly any fall out but they are a little bit chalky, all you need to do is tap the excess off of your brush. You have a mixture of matte shades, with some more shimmery shades but none of them have chunky glitter which is a plus. For me the real highlight shadows are the slightly more metallic ones like Luscious and Peach Pit, the shimmer in both is really reflective and has such beautiful undertones that they look amazing on the eye and really catch the light.

One thing that put me off buying one of the Chocolate Bar palettes that Too Faced also make is that they have two larger shades which gives less room for other shadows, i never really understood the point of the two larger ones as the likelihood is you wouldn't use them anymore than the other shades. With this palette it has been changed and i am grateful for that.

(Swatched: Cobbler, Bellini, Peach Pit, Summer Yum)

Another comparison i am sure that is made a lot is to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, mostly because of the packaging. This one also comes in a metal tin compact like the Naked 2 and the Naked 3 however for me the Urban Decay version is better. There is a little bit more weight to the packaging of the Urban Decay palettes meaning that they don't feel like they are going to break as easily as the Sweet Peach Palette does. Also the closure is a magnet on the Sweet Peach Palette rather than anything clicking into place so it does open quite easily. If you are planning to travel with this palette i would make sure it has something holding it closed. Additionally the mirror is a lot smaller which is bit of a bummer if like me you rely on your palette mirror whilst you do your make up in Starbucks in the mornings. 

Despite the packaging woes, i prefer the shade range in the Sweet Peach palette. If you were thinking about either getting the Sweet Peach palette or a Naked Palette, i would say go for the Sweet Peach palette. Both formulations are amazing but you have a wider range of shades. The Sweet Peach Palette has elements of the Naked 2 Palette as it has a lot of neutral nudes, an element of Naked 3 with some slightly pinker/rosy toned eye shadows and parts of the Naked Smokey palette as well with some of the deeper shades on the right hand side. The Sweet Peach palette has more versatility which if you can only get one palette gives you a little bit more option.

Another benefit to the Sweet Peach palette is that it genuinely smells like peach which is a nice effect but i have no idea what function a smelly eye shadow has. The actually Peach extract has anti-oxidants but once again i have no idea what benefit this has in an eye shadow but never the less it is a nice idea.

Overall i am very impressed with this palette and i can see why it sold out so quickly when it first launched. If you have been thinking about buying this palette and you can still get your hands on it i seriously recommend doing so because it is definitely high up in my list of favourite eye shadow palettes.

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