Skincare: Glamglow

When i first saw the size of the Glamglow pots it baffled me as to how someone could spend almost £40 on a tiny little pot. In my eyes nothing could work miracles to justify that sort of price. Recently Glamglow did a pop up near the Estee Lauder Head Offices in London and they had mini pots so people could try it. I saw all of this through social media and as i had no trips to London planned i was gutted to miss out on the chance to give one of the masks a try. That was until i was in Boots a few weeks ago and they had the mini pots available on a new stand. I thought about it and decided i had to go for it.

They do four of the smaller pots however i went for the Youthmud Tinglexfloiate Treatment as it is the one i've heard the most about. If you have followed any blogger or youtuber you will have heard about this mask. Glamglow as a brand has only existed since 2010 which means in only seven years it has expanded rapidly. A couple originally started the brand by making the products and giving samples out to friends and since then the brand has taken off. Estee Lauder acquired Glamglow in 2014 for a casual $200 Million and since then the availability of the brand in the UK has expanded.

This has been my go to face mask for a the past few weeks and i have really enjoyed using it. It is designed to be a 'Facial in a Jar' and has a slight scrub element to it so that it exfoliates and leaves the skin smoother providing a natural radiance. At first i was highly alarmed when i tried it and assumed i was having a violent allergic reaction but it is designed to tingle. It has a similar effect to mint when it is applied to skin as it causes your face to tingle and feel tighter but it feels a lot more extreme. It looks like mud and has chunks of leaves in it which i must say is slightly off putting and makes it slightly harder to spread on your face. I use it all over my face and usually when i am having a bath which takes your mind off of the tingling. After 15 minutes once it has completely dried i use a muslin cloth to take it off but it can be quite difficult to remove.

However once i've have taken it off, my face feels super soft and i notice a difference when i apply my make up the next day. It is a good exfoliating mask so if you are struggling with with your skin this is a great one to try, I usually use it after a night out so that my skin can have a chance to recover and it also feels quite cooling on your face (once the tingling had stopped). If you want to use it to help acne i would like to point out that it hasn't really made any difference to spots. If you are looking for a mask that helps with spots, the Eve Lom Rescue Mask is incredible but a little bit more expensive.

So far i have had 4 masks out of this 15ml pot and i probably have enough for another face, so it does last longer than it looks like it would. I will definitely be buying a full size version of this mask and i look forward to trying some of the other masks that Glamglow make because i am seriously impressed. It is very rare that when so many people rave about a product that you are going to hate it and i can see why everyone loves this mask. If, like me, you aren't sure about the price of the full size try this smaller size, at £14 you aren't going to lose much and i bet you will like it. Plus i will point out that this does dry out quite quickly so i do recommend getting the small one if you don't use face masks that much as after around a month it will be no good anyway.


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