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As it is my Birthday today and i have taken this week off of work i thought i would treat you to 5 days of blogging rather than just 3 days. Its not a big Birthday but in my household we have always gone all out. Personally i am not that fussed about getting old but i do like spending time with my family and friends. However i do like to use it as an excuse to buy myself something i wouldn't usually buy.

It has been over half a year since i went to America, not only was it the holiday of a life so far but it also took me on my first trip to Sephora. Sephora is any beauty lovers heaven and i can't believe there isn't a store like it in the UK. For those who don't know Sephora is pretty much like the Selfridges Beauty Hall but it is a whole store dedicated to Beauty. The main draw for me was the brands that you hear so much about but can't get in the UK like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte and Kat Von D. Whilst i was there i signed up to the Beauty Insider Program where you collect points, get free minis for every $100 you spend and get a free birthday gift. So as it is my birthday month i thought i would do an order and get all the products i have been wanting that you can't get in the UK and get my Birthday gift.

I'm going to get it out of the way now cause i am a bloody idiot and i know you want to know what the Birthday gift is, well i didn't get one. I came home on a lunchtime to make my order so i was in a bit of a rush, i had everything in my basket and just checked out, forgetting to pick the gift i wanted. Afterwards when i realised i was so annoyed with myself and couldn't believe what i had done. I really wanted the Tarte set which had a mini blush and a mini Lip Paint which looked amazing but now i will have to survive without it. What a dumbass! I was thinking about doing another order just to get it but we will see.

Anyway back to what i actually did order. I wanted to get products i couldn't get in the UK or ones that i couldn't get easily. I will warn you that i have no reviews on these products as i haven't opened them yet as i have been waiting for today to even open the box but i wanted to take you though what i got.

I started on Anastasia Beverly Hills, their eye brow products are available on a lot of beauty sites like Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay but their Liquid Lipsticks are not available to buy in the UK. When i was in America i went into every Sephora looking for Pure Hollywood but everywhere we went had sold out so i never bought it but it has been in stock on the website for a while so i put it to my basket straight away. I also got the shade Allison as i don't have any darker shades from the range and this colour intrigued me. I looked at swatches online and it looked like a shade i would like but i guess we shall see. I did have Dusty Rose in my basket for a while as it is all over Instagram at the moment but i swapped it for a Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick instead.

Speaking of Kat Von D, it has been available in the UK since October last year after it launched in Debenhams. However we are quite slow to receive new products so Sephora has a bunch of new Liquid Lipstick shades which aren't yet available in the UK. I originally looked at Sanctuary which is described as Nude Coffee but i wasn't sure if this would be too cool toned for me so in the end i went for Ludwig which looked lovely in all the swatches i saw on google. I already know i love this formula but i wanted to give one of the new shades a go and i have been meaning to pick up more from this range since i fell in love with Lolita. 

The next thing i placed in my basket were some of the Sephora Sheet Mask, both the ones for the face and the eye. I bought one of each in the Rose range which is supposed to be Ultra Moisturising & Brightening and some of the Green Tea ones which are Relaxing and Refreshing. I know i criticised sheet masks in my post about them however i did point out that if i liked any sheet masks it would be the Sephora ones so i thought i would get some more. All of these are a repurchase and i like using them occasionally when my skin is super dry so it is nice to have some in my draw in case i feel like using them.

In the UK mini products aren't really a thing but as anyone who has been to Sephora will know, the isle of doom which leads you to the checkout is the most dangerous part of Sephora. It is made up of mini products which seem cheaper than the full size so in your head you justify them saying 'Ooooh i'll just try it and see if i like it' which leads you to spending lots more than you intended. Well in the UK we miss out on this and i'n not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Whilst i was on the Sephora website i noticed they had a set called the Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Nude Lip. It is a set of 5 different lipsticks, 4 of which are mini, one is a full size and a lip liner. Each item is from a different brand and it is an amazing way of trying a few different lipstick formulas and shades which you might not have bought on their own. It came to £23.81 which i didn't think was bad and i haven't actually tried any of the lipsticks before so i look forward to opening this one and eventually i will probably review the whole set for you.

The final two products are from Tarte and they are both palettes. The first one i picked was the Tarteist Pro To Go Amazonian Clay Palette. I bought the Tarte Tease Palette from the isle of doom on my first trip to Sephora when i was in LA and i loved it so much i bought the Tartelette in Bloom Palette so i know i love the eye shadow formula and this one just looked like it had some lovely shades in it. I love these smaller palettes as once again we don't really have palettes like this in the UK and they are great for travelling. I've read good reviews about the full size version of the palette but i just couldn't justify it to myself as i really don't need anymore eyeshadow palettes.

The final product which completed my basket was the Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Volume 2. This has only just been added to Sephora but i bought it on the day it was released. I have heard really good things about the original palette so when i saw this one i knew i wanted it. The size of the pans looks good and it has four shades instead of three. At the moment i am loving highlighters so i look forward to swatching the hell out of this palette and making my face glow for the gods.

I of course picked up three samples before i checked out (i actually managed to get something) so i picked the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Opal. I love Champagne Pop and i haven't really tried much else from Becca so when i saw this i thought it would be good to try it. I picked the Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment, i have no idea what this does but everyone always talks about the brand however this didn't come and a fragrance sample did. I have no idea what the fragrance is and i haven't heard of the brand before. I must admit i was quite surprised when i opened it to find a fragrance sample as you can't select them as apparently they don't ship to the UK. The final one was from Bite Beauty. It is 3 different shades of he Agave Lip Mask which everyone raves about in Champagne, Neutral and Smashed. 

This is everything i picked from Sephora and i am very pleased with my order despite forgetting to add my Birthday gift to my basket. The order process was very simple, you pick all of the items you want then go to basket and select ship international and pick the UK. This then changes the price to pounds and tells you if any products can't be shipped. Then once you have input your shipping details it outlines all of the taxes and shipping costs. If you spend over £75 all shipping is £6 and it should arrive within 5-7 working day which impressed me because i've had click and collect orders i have done in the UK which have taken longer than that (looking at you Ted Baker) It isn't the cheapest way of getting products so if you can get something in the UK you are better off buying it here but if not then ordering off of Sephora is really easy and i do highly recommend it. I will probably do reviews on most things i have bought so let me know if there is any products that you are particularly interested in reading a review of. 


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