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Doing your brows is a fine art, it takes a long time and dedication to getting the shape and thickness you want. I've been quite lucky with my brows, when i was younger my mother always told me not to touch my brows. I never really understood why but as i've gotten more into make up and beauty i've learnt the importance of brows and how wise her words were. Most importantly brows give shape to your face and when my brows look polished i feel like i have my life together, i don't know why but i just do. All of my make up looks better when my brows are right.

After listening to my mothers advise i have quite full brows and they naturally have quite a good shape; for the most part they just need a little bit of maintenance for those sparse hairs that blur the shape of my brows. Naturally i am a red head but as i get older my hair is getting darker so at the moment it is a little bit like a chocolate orange shade.  My brows are more brunette and have always been darker than my hair so i don't bother tinting them, i did once and i lived to regret it but that's a story for a different day.

I have to admit i am not one of those girls that instantly looks at another persons brows because unless they are rather unusual i won't really notice them but now i have been made more aware of the importance of brows i am constantly worried about how mine look. I only started doing my brows in my final year of university and even then i only plucked them a little bit and the first product i used was the Sleek Brow Kit in Dark. After seeing pictures from this phase of my life i realise the shade was too dark for me and i definitely needed to get them shaped professionally. It has taken me four years to finally get to a place where i am happy with my brows and the products i use in them, so if you are looking for inspiration for new products to use this could be it.

Personally i am not a massive fan of a brow kits as the gel in them tends to stick my brows down and i lose the texture of the hairs. With a pencil i can draw in the shape and i use a brow gel to keep the hairs in place. The particular products i like to use are the Soap and Glory Archery 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush and Benefit's Gimme Brow. 

I haven't tried the Anastasia Brow Wiz as it is a pain to order and more expensive than the Soap and Glory pencil but they seem very similar. They are both very small pencils which makes it easier to draw more hair like strokes rather than a bold patch of colour. At £8 the Soap and Glory version is half the price so i've never felt the need to swap. The actual consistency of the Soap and Glory pencil is quite hard so it is can be difficult to draw but it does stop you from drawing too much. The pencil does soften up the more you use it, you just need to get through that initial struggle. A positive of it being slightly harder to draw on is that it does stay put so if you are worried that you are going to end up with no brows at the end of the day this does last.

The brush on the end makes it easier to get your brows in the correct shape prior to drawing them in and means you don't have to have a separate one. I love this pencil and i use the shade Brownie Points which as you would guess would be the brown one and it matches my brow shade well, it is quite ashy and doesn't have any warmth in it. The only problem with this pencil is the shade range, there are only 3 different shades, Brownie Points, Hot Chocolate and Love is Blonde. It is super limited and realistically there are so many different types and tones of blonde that one shade is not going to cover them all. I'm lucky in the respect that one of the shades suits me but there is a very limited choice.

Gimme Brow is a super hyped product and for good reason, it is amazing. I have been using this for years and i am too scared to branch out and try anything else because it works so well. It is a fibre gel which creates a fuller looking brow due to the colour and the fibres. I get shade 3 which once again seems to be quite a good match but once again they do only have 3 shades. This brow gel sets my brows in place but still allows for texture.

Benefit have a very extensive brow product range as they recently revamped it so it is worth looking at if you are thinking of changing up the way you do your brows. The problem i have with Gimme Brow is the price, for such a tiny product £20 is a lot! On average a tube lasts me around 4 months which isn't very long for that much money but i am too scared to try another brow gel as i know this one works and i absolutely love the size of the wand. I looked into trying the L'oreal Brow Plumper however it only comes in two shades and after reading reviews it has a shimmer to it and i do not want wet look brows. Please let me know if you recommend any brow gels similar to Gimme Brow but ones that are cheaper as i am really struggling to find any.

Together these two products work to fill in any sparse areas i might have within my brows and also help to define my brow shape. As i said i've tried brow kits before and at first i liked them but as i've taken more of an interest in my brows i like to have more texture. These two products really work for me and i have been loving the result they give so i highly recommend giving these a go and seeing what it does for your brows.

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