Jo Malone London: Pomegranate Noir

The Winter months have been very harsh on my skin and i have been feeling the effects of it being absolutely freezing outside and warmer inside. As of late i have been struggling with eczema on my hands which i've never really suffered with before but it shows the extend of the damage that my skin has suffered. During the cooler months i like a warmer fragrance so that i can feel comforted and so that something is warm about me. Around the Christmas season i wear Jo Malone London's Pomegranate Noir Cologne every day as it is super spicy but it is softened with fruity notes. For the rest of the year it sits at the back of my draw but one exception to this rule is the matching Bath and Body products in the Pomegranate Noir scent. 

For some reason the fragrance doesn't really sit well on me, it really depends on that day so if i am wearing the cologne i usually wear it with English Pear and Freesia to soften it and make it slightly more feminine. Pomegranate Noir is unfortunately not one of my favourite Jo Malone fragrances but the bath and body products are truly amazing. I went through a phase of buying bottle after bottle of the shower gel which i have now run out of but i do still have a mini size of the bath oil. For me, the stand out product from the range is the body creme. The Jo Malone body cremes are some of my favourite products that they make but there is something about the Pomegranate Noir one which i love the most. 

The scent is softened a lot in this body creme, it still has the spices but it has more of the fruity notes and more of the Casablanca Lily which is the heart note. I love to use this body creme during the Winter and especially on evenings when i have a bath with something like Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb from Lush which contains a similar warmth from ingredients such as Pepper and Patchouli. Then i apply the body creme all over my body to make a cocoon of warmth and comfort. It has a similar feeling to being tucked up in bed whilst being enshrouded in a beautiful scent. This body creme does have quite a strong scent but definitely not as strong as the fragrance. 

The body creme itself is filled with lots of moisturising ingredients which are really beneficially during the winter months such as; Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Seed Oil. The texture feels very rich but it sinks into the skin very quickly, much quicker than your average body creme. 

A few months ago i wrote a blog post about the Kiehl's Whipped Body Butter and i still agree with what i said, that body butter is lovely and it does sink into the skin quickly however the scent does put me off a little bit. With the Jo Malone Body Cremes there are lots of different scents to choose from, so there is something for everyone. However at £50 they are NOT cheap, as you would expect from Jo Malone London. I have unfortunately come to the end of my tub and at the moment can not bring myself to buy a new one but one day when i think i need a treat this will definitely be on my list!

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