Is a Beauty Blender better than a Brush?

It is a question pondered by many of us who are new to beauty or who might not have gotten around to trying the Beauty Blender, is it worth the money? For me it is a simple answer, no. Personally i don't like it as a way of applying foundation and i think it is bloody expensive for a sponge. I think from that bold statement you can guess i'm not a fan. This post isn't about what a rip off this product is but whether it is a better way of applying foundation compared to a brush. I mean for the most part it comes down to preference but after using a Beauty Blender for quite a while i have formed a few opinions about how it applies foundation.

The Beauty Blender itself is a very hyped up product with many beauty bloggers saying there is nothing like it and it is the best way to apply your foundation, well i couldn't disagree more. The fundamental idea of a beauty blender is something that appeals to me; a product to apply your foundation without it looking cakey whilst not sucking up half of your foundation, wasting lots of the product.

The Beauty Blender does apply make up very smoothly and makes it melt into the skin rather than sitting on to of it. However i can never seem to get it even and end up with lighter patches on my face. The whole dabbing motion is also something i cannot get on board with, it just isn't a natural process for me and instinctively i want to rub. Due to this motion the application just seems so much longer than with a brush and when i am heading to work i really do not have the time to worry about good foundation application with dabbing, i get up early enough as it is.

For some reason i just find the motion of a brush much easier, especially with the Bobbi Brown Face Brush. The brush is so dense that it moves your foundation round and it seems to settle on the skin better than any other brush i have used. Also more generally the sweeping circular movement of using a brush just seems so much easier as it is what i am used to. In terms of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, i do find that it takes a long time to blend and foundation can look cakey with this one. It definitely doesn't blend as well as the Bobbi Brown brush or the Beauty Blender this is because the brissles are shorter and therefore barely move so it is harder to spread foundation across a larger area. However I will admit that any brush is going to use more product and doesn't blend it in as well as the Beauty Blender however i find it looks good quicker with this brush, you really need to take time with a Beauty Blender.

Lets face it no one cleans their brushes enough so when your brissles are a little too dirty they clump together and cause lines in the foundation which i am not a massive fan of, however when the Bobbi Brown brush is clean it works wonders. I've got to say this isn't a problem with the Beauty Blender as it works exactly the same when it is clean and dirty but it looks gross if it isn't cleaned very often. I probably wash my brushes around once a week and i try to do my Beauty Blender at the same time. The problem with cleaning the Beauty Blender is, it is a struggle to tell when it is clean as all of the pink dye comes out so the water is never clear. I was given a sample of the Beauty Blender Solid Cleaner and if you want something that is really going to impress you, try it, it works wonders on the Beauty Blender and on your brushes as well!

There is also the issue of longevity, if a brush is treated well and cleaned often it can last for years. Whereas due to the bacteria built up within a Beauty Blender sponge they recommend that you buy a new one after three months of use. A good foundation brush is going to be more than £16 but it will last longer. If your brush lasts for a year you would only spend the money on that one brush. Whereas if you bought a new Beauty Blender every 3 months you would end up spending £64 a year. Realistically no one is going to replace them that often but the point still stands, you need to replace a Beauty Blender more often therefore costing you more in the long run.

For me the Beauty Blender isn't really a winner and i can't believe i spent £16 on it but i had high hopes that it would make my foundation flawless. I have now gone back to my Bobbi Brown Face Brush which i have loved for a long time and will continue to do so. I would say don't bother trying the Beauty Blender however i don't think this is a case of something being better than the other, it is whether or not you prefer to use a sponge. One thing i would say is don't bother using the Beauty Blender and try the Real Techniques version first, most people seem to like that one just as much as the Beauty Blender but it is a fraction of the price. Then once you've given that one a go and if you like it, you could then graduate to the Beauty Blender as this is what i wish i had done to save me some monies.

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