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You probably don't know this but it is my birthday on Monday. I will be turning 24 and i'm not sure i am ready for it. When i was younger i thought by the time i got to 24 i would be a lot further along in life than i am now. However i am happy with where my life is at the moment. With Birthdays come presents, i thought i would start my Birthday celebrations on the blog by sharing with you a few items that i am currently loving. Obviously i do not expect to receive any of these on my big day but a girl can dream can't she?

Dior Diorama Bag in Black Grained Calfskin

Whilst i was out shopping with my brother in Bristol, we stopped in Starbucks to get our caffeine fix and a lady in the line had this bag. Now i've seen it many times on social media however when i saw it in real life i just fell in love with it. I have always wanted a Chanel Boy bag and the shape of this bag is very similar. However not as many people have it and the shaping and the design is a little bit more feminine. I believe the lady in Starbucks had the smallest size and it looked super cute but had enough space to fit all your essentials in. Ever since i have been lusting over this bag, don't you think it is beautiful? Currently it is everywhere on Instagram and Lydia Millen recently bought one in the grey shade so if you watch her videos you are very familiar with this bag.

Gianvito Rossi Calabria Court Shoes

If you are an avid Instagram fan like me you will have seen these shoes a million times over, every blogger and their mums have these shoes but for good reason, just look at them. They are your classic court shoes style just with a modern twist which is the style i like to embrace. For SS15 Sophia Webster did a pair of watermelon shoes called the Jessica Watermelon Pumps which had a similar style to these, with the perplex sides and i really wanted a pair. However by the time i had caught on to those shoes they had sold out. The Gianvito Rossi Calabria Courts are the most similar shoe i've seen and they are slightly more classy due to their more normal colour scheme. Everyone always says that they are very comfortable which is always a plus when you are heel shopping.

Valentino Garavani Open Leather Sneakers with the Pink Stripe

A lot of Celebs wear these trainers and the first time i saw them i thought they looked tacky however the more i've seen people wearing them, the more i've ended up liking them. I will be the first one to admit i am not really a trainer type of person, the only time i wear them is when i am exercising which really isn't that often. I just think with a pair of jeans and a basic top, these shoes will match the level of casual but also elevate the outfit as they are designer. I don't think i would ever buy them just because i know i wouldn't get a lot of wear out of them but i still think they are pretty.

Saint Laurent Monogram Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag in Rose Antic

In one of my previous fashion wishlists i included a Saint Laurent bag very similar however that style has now disappeared so i have had to move on and lust over a different one. I still love the style of the smaller Saint Laurent cross body bags and i love this one. When i have considered what Chanel Boy bag i would like i have always thought about the Chevron detailing and this Saint Laurent bag has it which orginally drew me to. I also love the colour of this version of this bag, I've wanted to branch out of buying dark bags for a whilst and at the moment i am loving this rose shade that Saint Laurent are doing. At £1,020 i don't think this will be making its way off of the wishlist anytime soon.

T by Alexander Wang Twist Front Striped Cotton Jersey T-shirt

Ok so we are now moving from the ridiculously expensive to something i could genuinely afford. I like to browse the new in section on Net A Porter quite frequently as they always have new items and i like to see what is in at the moment. A few days ago i saw this top and just fell in love. This top encompasses my style, basic but with something slightly different about it. I like the stripes on this top but also the little twist at the front. I feel like it is very understated. In my opinion it is always worth spending a little bit more on your basics as they are the clothes you are going to wear more regularly. This would be the sort of top i would wear with the Valentino trainers above.

Burberry Izzy Card Holder

At £95 i think this is a really good gift either for someone you love or for yourself. I am yet to buy a card holder as i do not really use bags small enough to warrant one but i think they can be very useful. I've had my eye on this one for a while as i like that there aren't too many frills about this one. It is very basic and classic looking with the simple Burberry written across the bottom. You have enough room for 5 cards and a section in the middle which could carry notes if you really wanted to carry some with you.

So if any of my friends or family are looking at this and are yet to buy me a present, here is what i want. I can already hear the laughter coming from everyone i know.

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