Tom Ford Vs. Lancome Mascara

Mascara is one of those products that i am just never happy with and i am always looking to try something better. Mascara is always a struggle for me as i am a contact lense wearer and for the most part i end up with big black rings around my eyes as my mascara just does not stay on. One product that has massively helped with this is a lash primer which i use every time i wear mascara. My current favourite is the Little Black Primer from Estee Lauder, when i use this it seems to hold the mascara better,stopping it from giving me panda eyes but also makes my lashes a bit bolder. 

For the past year i have been using the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara, buying tube after tube as i found it to be one of the only mascaras which stuck to my eyelashes and didn't run down my face. I also tried the Waterproof version and that worked even better but at £35 a tube i wanted to find something that would give a similar effect to my lashes and not run all down my face. I like my lashes to be quite bold and dramatic and slightly clumpy. Now i know this isn't everyone's favourite look but i like making my eyes stand out. The Tom Ford mascara did this wonderfully as the wand was so large that it just bought your lashes together but it also elongated them. 

I have one friend who i go to for all of my beauty advice as she has tried lots of products and always has good recommendations and she asked if i had tried the Lancome mascaras to which my response was no. Unfortunately for Lancome i do associate it with a slightly older generation, i'm not sure why but i just think it might have something to do with the packaging. However Lisa Eldridge has done wonders for bringing this brand back and making it more relevant to a younger consumer. I have heard lots about their mascaras and people who have tried them rarely have a bad word to say about them so i thought i would give one a go.

I took a look at their range and the Hypnose Drama seemed like the sort of wand i would like, as it was the most similar to the Tom Ford one. It has a slightly oversized wand and it has fibre brissles rather than plastic which i hate and i feel that they don't work as well with my lashes. I bought it during the time when their Christmas sets were on offer so i bought the set for £18 when usually the mascara is £23.50 and i got an eye liner and some eye make up remover as well. 

This mascara has exceeded my expectations, i thought it might rival the Tom Ford one but i didn't think it was going to be better. I did really like the Tom Ford one but this one just makes my lashes look a lot longer whilst giving a lot of volume. The curved wand allows for the curl of your lashes and helps to lift them and hold them in place once you have curled your lashes. The formula is very black and i find that with this wand it is easier to separate out your lashes therefore your lashes aren't quite as clumpy compared to the Tom Ford mascara and it gives you more of a fanned out look. On the other hand i will point out that due to the size of the wand it can be quite hard to use on your bottom lashes so i would recommend getting a bottom lash mascara or one with a smaller wand as i have been struggling not to get mascara around my bottom lash line instead of just on the lashes.

Even at £23.50 it is a lot cheaper than the Tom Ford one and i actually prefer this one. I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying the Tom Ford one but at £35 it is rather expensive and if you want a similar effect for a cheaper price then the Lancome one is the way to go. I can use either of these mascaras and not not get panda eyes as long as i use the Little Black Primer underneath so if that is a concern for you as well i highly recommend getting a primer. I know it is another step in your routine but it really has changed my eye make up since i've been using it. 

I am always looking to try new mascaras so please let me know if there is anything i should try based on what i have said i like my lashes to look like. Please leave a comment below or go to my twitter @SophaaRambles.

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