The Lush Kitchen

After sharing my bad experience with the Lush online sale with you on Monday i thought i would pull it back and give you insight into a Lush online experience that i can not fault. I am very used to walking into a Lush store, picking up a few bits i know i love or smelling the ones i'm not familiar with and going to the checkout. Something i was not so familiar with was The Lush Kitchen. The Lush Kitchen is part of the Lush website where they sell limited batch products, which means they may have been discontinued and they making making a few for nostalgia, they could be testing the product out or it could just be a limited product. I've never really taken the time to explore this aspect of Lush even though devoted Lush fans swear by it.

That was until i heard that they were realising a Snowcake Shower Gel a few weeks ago. I believe they have released it previously on there and i just never knew but i started to follow an Instagram called Allthingslushuk and they said it would be available. When i found this out i knew i needed to get a two bottles, one for me and one for my mum. Snowcake or Snow Castle as it is now called has been my favourite Lush soap for years and every year i buy a big block in hopes it will last me all year. I have tried the Snow Angel Bath Melt but it is far too glittery for my liking but the smell is amazing!

So i dedicated my time into getting these two bottles. I found out what day they were launching it and made sure that i got some. I went to work in the morning but on my lunch break raced home to place my order. I ordered two bottles and a few baths bombs from the normal range to make a little gift box for my mum and checked out. Stupidly i didn't tick that it was a gift so none of it came individually wrapped, so if you want the products wrapped make sure to say it is a gift!

I waited for it to arrive and a few days later i had my shower gel. I have just started to use mine as i had to leave it until after Christmas so my mum wouldn't know i had bought some. It smells exactly like the soap and the texture of the shower gel is so much creamier than that of the Rose Jam Shower Gel. It leaves your skin with a light veil of snowcake scent and feels very gentle and mositurising.

I love that this shower gel was made in a limited batch and it feels a little bit more special than if i had just gone into store and picked it up. The Lush Kitchen is an amazing concept and since i made this purchase i am on there regularly to see what they have. I was very excited by The Melting Snowman making a limited comeback as that has been my favourite bath melt for years and i really liked the idea of the So White Shower Gel but i could not justify buying another shower gel.

If there is a Lush product you have loved previously or a specific scent you love keep an eye on the Lush Kitchen and you never know they could bring out a different product to the range. I do also recommend you buy it quickly because things seem to sell out very fast and it won't be coming back for a long time if it does.

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