Sophia Webster Shoes

This purchase has been a long time coming. I have always had my eye on a pair of Sophia Webster shoes and i finally got some. The brand itself is one i love and whenever i am on the website i always find something i like. Sophia Webster knows how to design a good shoe but also has the best marketing team going. If you follow her on Instagram then you know she pretty much has the best Instagram stories going and her office is work goals. 

Her Instagram stories is actually what lead me to this purchase. I had seen these shoes a few months ago and i really liked them however i wasn't 100% on the colour. I saw they went down in the sale and kind of dismissed them and thought i would save and get a more neutral colour. However a few weeks ago i ended up being very poorly and had to take a few days off work sick. On one of these days i was watching their Instagram stories and they said they had added a few more sizes to a few sale items. Now these shoes had been playing on my mind for a few days so i agreed with myself if they were in my size i was going to buy them. 

Checked online and low and behold they were in my size! so i got myself up and out of my sick bed to place my order. The website was super simple to use and the delivery service was amazing. The options were £25 for next day or Saturday delivery, or £0 for 1-2 working days. I mean what are you going to go for, the free one of course. So i waited 2 days and they arrived.

The shoes are the Bibi Butterfly Flats in Winter Cherry. I had my eye on a pair of Bibi flats because as you know if you have read my fashion wishlist i have been looking for the right pair of flats. I wanted to spend a little bit more money on a pair and for them to be a little bit more special. I was going to hold out for the black pair with gold detailing however they are £250 and i could have been waiting a long time. The ones i bought went down to £120 which i didn't think was bad. 

Online in the image they used, the colour looked a lot more pink, like more of a cerise shade which would have been a little bit too bright for me but when they arrived i was thrilled. They are more of a deep pink/berry shade which would go with my white jeans or my dark jeans. I love the soft white detailing of the butterfly as it means it will go with anything i wear.

So far i haven't worn them out as in the UK we are currently experiencing a little bit of snow but i have worn them around the house and they are super comfy. They have a padded sole so your feet feel cushioned. They do not rub my feet anywhere and as they are flats they are easy to walk in. I can't wait for better weather so that i can wear these out and about.

I can't believe i finally got my first pair of Sophia Webster shoes, it has been a long time coming but these are a worthy first purchase. If you aren't familiar with the brand i highly recommend checking out the website because they make some incredible shoes and they are always something a little bit whimsical without being tacky. Also check out the Instagram because they seriously have their story down.

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