Second Sales Shop of the Season

As we approach the mid point of January, it is now coming to the end of the sales season, with most stores being in final reductions and sale racks no longer dominating stores. After my success in my first round of sales shopping i have had another go at it. Much to the dismay of my bank account and my mother. However i have picked up a few pieces which i am extremely pleased with so i wanted to share them with you.

I think this time i am going to go in Chronological order of how i bought them, so we are going to start with the grey jumper (in the picture above) which is from Whistles. Now i have to admit i'm not the type of person to fall in love with Whistles, it is very rare that i find something i love but i fell for this jumper. In my winter break i took the opportunity to go to The Mall as i had been given a giftcard to spend. I had been in all of my favourite shops and found nothing then i was wondering around John Lewis doubting that i was going to spend my giftcard, had a look at Whistles and there was this jumper. It was all alone and it was my size. It didn't have the price on but it is 100% Cashmere so i knew it wouldn't be cheap. I tried it on and fell in love, it was super soft and fit me perfectly. It was £160 originally and when i got to the till it had gone down to £125 which isn't a massive saving but i did have a £40 giftcard so paid £85. When i have a giftcard i like to spend it on something i wouldn't usually buy and due to this jumper being Cashmere i definitely would not have bought it without the giftcard.

On the same shopping trip i thought i would pop into Lush and see what they had left in the sale. My post Christmas shop was done in Bristol City Centre so this was a different store and i hoped they had something different on offer and they did. When i first went into Lush when they launched their Winter products a gentleman who worked there showed me the Magic Wand Soap. I loved the smell of it but if i am going to pay full price for a soap i am loyal to Snowcastle. I was hoping to get some of the Magic Wand soap in the sale to test it out however they had run out in the Bristol store but they had some when i went into Cribbs. I picked up two chunks for £8 which i was rather excited about.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, i worked in Hotel Chocolat and my time there really opened my eyes to the world of chocolate previously i had been happy with a bar of Cadburys but now i know how wrong i was. Hotel Chocolat is my favourite kind of chocolate and really the only chocolate i eat anymore. After Christmas, and any holiday season, they sell off any Chocolate that they haven't sold. I walked past the store and noticed they had quite a bit left so i picked up a few bits. My favourite chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is the caramel chocolate, it truly is incredible. The caramel is mixed in with the chocolate which gives it more of a sweetness so i wanted to get anything with caramel in it. They didn't have much but the had the Penguin Snowed Under Selectors which have caramel chocolate at the bottom and i also got A Dozen Portly Penguins which aren't caramel but they are super cute so i had to get some. All of this was under £10 which is amazing for Hotel Chocolat so next time there is a holiday season check out there sales.

The most exciting and the most expensive item i bought this sale season was pair of Sophia Webster Shoes. I have wanted a pair for soooo long and i have final got some but you are going to have to wait for a blog post revealing the pair i bought. Sorry, not sorry.

At the weekend i met up with a friend and we did a little bit of shopping and of course it isn't a shopping trip with out popping into Victoria's Secret. They are at the end of their sale so all bras are £14.50, they don't have much left but i manage to find this purple one in my size. I love this style of bra as i find them was flattering on me and they make me look like i have boobs which is always good. I also picked up a big pair of white lacy knickers for £9. They aren't actually knickers but i am planning on wearing them as jammie shorts. They were £36 originally and i got them for £9. I will warn you at this stage of the sale it is even more disorganised with sizes mixed together and non sale items in the sale bins as i found out when i picked up two pairs of pants, went to pay for them and they were full price. 

The final item i bought was a nail polish, probably the least exciting purchase ever but alas a purchase none the less. It is from Nails Inc and it is part of their Gel Effect range. They had the range half price in Harvey Nichols so i bought Primrose Hill Lane, a baby blue shade with a hint of lilac. I rarely wear blue nail polish so i thought i would give it a go.

That's it. that's all of the items i have picked up this sale season, combined with my last haul i have spent quite a bit but i only bought things i really liked and some items i was going to buy full price. I have been put on a self imposed spending ban as something very exciting is happening next month and i need money for it. I hope you have enjoyed the glimpse into the sorts of things i look for in sale time and i hope you picked up some amazing things for yourself.

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