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The only good thing about Christmas ending is the sales that come with it. Admittedly most sales start before Christmas Day so if you are doing some last minute shopping and you can stand the stress of leaving it for that long then you can usually get some bargains. However if you are anything like me then your stress levels can't handle waiting and the pay check that covers December was gone long ago so no serious shopping can be done. Even though my bank balance may not like it, a little bit of spending helps to ease that post Christmas hangover.

Having spent my Christmas day and part of Boxing day looking at the sales online (and finding nothing) me and my mother took to Bristol city centre on the 27th to do a little bit of retail therapy. We both spent a little bit more than we intended but it wouldn't be a sale if you didn't pick up something you truly didn't need.

My first stop was Lush, having had a crappy time online the previous day i waited to go into store and they had a few bits and bobs but not what i really wanted. I did pick up quite a bit but i will tell you more about my Lush experience in a whole post, the experience of the Lush sale did not impress me at all. I'm sure if you tried to tackle the Lush sale you know exactly what i'm talking about.

The next stop where something got my attention was Ted Baker, basically my one and only for clothes. I had looked at the sale online and only one thing caught my eye and it was the top i ended up buying. It is a long sleeve lace shirt which is see through bar a panel which covers your boobs. The lace is quite big so you only get flashes of skin but i really like that about this top. It is a demure style with something a little bit more edgy to it. Originally this top was £129 but in the sale it was £65 which i was happy to pay as i know i will get a lot of wear out of this.

The White Company is fast becoming one of my favourite shops even though i had never used it prior to last year. I had bought some of the Winter scented star tealights for my mum for Christmas and she lit them on Christmas day and i thought the scent was heavenly. I noticed online that they had 10% off the Winter scent so we popped into the store and i picked one up and the matching lid as well. 

My final stop was Victoria's Secret. This was really the reason we went into town rather than going to The Mall because i wanted to check out the sale. Victoria's Secret are very sneaky and do not put their sale online. I've got say i hate the store in sale as they just put the bras and pants in sale bins and you have to dig around in them. Ain't nobody got time for that. I did have a quick look through and they had two bras i liked, one of which i already own in black and the other i had tried on a few weeks ago but didn't want to spend £40 on it. The one i tried on a few weeks ago was the green one which went down to £20 and the pink long line bra was £25. I also found two pairs of knickers which match the pink bra and another bra i bought whilst i was in America so i was very pleased to get those at £4 each. 

A sales shop is a tradition for me and my mother and this year did not disappoint we both bought some lovely pieces but neither of us went overboard on the spending. I do have to say that since this shop happened i have been up to the Mall and i picked up a few more bits so look out for a future post on that.

I hope you have had an amazing Christmas, a Happy New Year and you've done lots of shopping for yourself. Let me know if you got anything you were pleased about in the comments or on twitter @SophaaRambles

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