One item off of the Wishlist

If you are a regular reader of SophaaRambles then you will know that occasionally i will do a post which includes some of the fashion items i am currently coveting. Usually these lists are just so we can all revel in beautiful things that realistically we can never afford but this Christmas i managed to tick off an item from one of the wishlists.

A few years ago i bought one of the Ted Baker Short Wrap Coats in black and it has been my staple coat ever since. It is very sleek without being too flashy and it always looks good. I always get complements when i wear it and it makes me feel very grown up when i wear it. Basically i can look like a pile of poo and the coat somehow pulls it together. After loving that coat for so long i decided that i would like one in a different colour so i have a little bit more option.

I know you are probably thinking why didn't i look for a different style coat? Well i am super petite i am generally a size 6 and even a 4 if i can find one therefore it is a struggle to find clothes which actually fit so usually when i find something i like i buy it in pretty much every colour. My black Ted Baker coat has served me so well i thought it was a good idea to invest and get a new one so i asked for one for Christmas and very kindly Santa got me one.

I decided on Camel as the colour because i've seen so many people wearing it lately and i think they look so chic. In my head i pictured wearing it with my white skinny jeans and quite a plain white or creamy cable knit jumper with my Alexander Wang bag and potentially a Gucci Belt which i've had my eye on for a while. The detailing on it is slightly different from my other coat as they have to change it every year so that it can be classed as a different style. The lines created on this coat are quite boxy however the tie round the middle pulls it in to accentuate any shape which is needed for anyone as skinny as me.

Since i received this coat it has lived up to my expectations and i have been wearing it more than my black coat, I feel very lucky to have received this and hope to be wearing it for years to come. In terms of the wishlist this is one down and about a thousand to go.

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