MAC: Liptensity

This post has been a long time coming, i bought this lipstick on the 5th of November 2016 but it just means that i have had a long time to form my opinions on this lipstick range that was launched during the Autumn of last year. I remember reading about these lipsticks prior to the launch and thought it was a very intriguing concept.

The idea behind the MAC Liptensity range was, MAC worked with a lady called Maureen Seaburg who has a condition called Tetrachromacy. Tetrachromacy means that the retinas of the person who has it has four different types of higher intensity light receptors (Wikipedia very kindly shared this knowledge with me) which to simpletons like me and you means they can see hundreds more colours than your average person. Working with Maureen allowed MAC to create super pigmented lipsticks with all manner of undertones so that they are more unique than many other lipstick shades.

These were first bought to my attention by Fleur De Force who spoke about them around a month before they came out. I was instantly intrigued and wanted to give one a go even though i prefer a matte lipstick. She mentioned that her favourite shade was Smoked Almond so when they finally came out that was the shade i looked for. They do have some incredible nude shades in the range however this one turned out to be my favourite. It is quite a rich brown with a lot of warmth in it. It reminds me of Kat Von D's Lolita but it isn't quite as dark.

(From the left swatch, Smoked Almond, MAC Velvet Teddy, Kat Von D Lolita)

The formulation of these lipsticks is surprising, they are super pigmented so they are opaque on the lips however they have the consistency of a cremesheen. I think the strong pigmentation is why i like a matte shade so much but these lipsticks rival a matte in terms of pigmentation. Even though they have a matte lipsticks pigmentation, they have a glossier finish without looking like you are wearing a gloss. Personally i like the almost satin finish as it makes your lips look fuller without the need for a liner. Due to this finish i prefer the nude shades as i always stick to matte reds just because they stay put for longer. Not to say that these lipsticks come off quickly, they last better than a cremesheen or any other glossy finish lipstick from MAC.

I do highly recommend checking out these range from MAC as the shades are gorgeous and the packaging remains sleek like other MAC products but has been slightly updated so you can actually tell the shades from the packaging. Also it is metal rather than the usual plastic bullet which creates a sleeker looking design but really demonstrates how different these lipsticks are.

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