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Recently a petition was put to the government to close shops on Boxing day and after working in retail for the past two years i wholeheartedly agree with this petition. Why on earth do people need to shop on boxing day, the shops wouldn't lose sales as people can just go the following day! Due to my views on boxing day shopping i sit at home on my laptop looking at the sales and never buy anything. However this year i was ready to change this and i thought i would brave the Lush online sale, what a mistake!

The sale was supposed to start at 10 and i was already on my computer on the website at quarter to. I had to go to my family's house at 12:30 for lunch so i thought i would do a cheeky order and get on with my life. 10 O' Clock comes around, i had been kicked off the website and put back in the queue 3000 people back, this instantly displeased me. I'm waiting for the queue to start and checking twitter and of course they have problems, i keep waiting, keep waiting and keep waiting some more until 10:50am and i can take it no longer and i really need to start getting ready. I hand my computer to my brother and take a much needed shower and tell him to yell at me if anything happens. 10 minutes later and still nothing happens.

So i do my make up and nothing happens, then eventually the queue starts to move but this must have been around 11:45. I have 15 minutes until i'm on the website, yayyy i might still be able to get some Rose Jam Shower Gel i think to myself. The time goes and i'm on the website but where is all of the sale, shit i've missed it all, check twitter oh no wait they haven't even put it online yet. So i wait some more, slowly it is getting closer to my 12:30 deadline. A few sale items pop up but they won't go into the basket. The only thing i managed to get in my basket was a Peeping Santa bubble bar eventually i get some Father Christmas Bath Bombs, Golden Wonder Bath Bombs and also some of the Golden Wonder sets. I was waiting desperately for some Rose Jam shower gel but at 12:20 i thought i should call it quits and checkout whilst i can. Get to the checkout page and it won't bloody work!!! I was furious, left my basket, closed the webpage and went to my family's house.

What does this story leave me with, nothing, and what has this story done other than waste your time? It has wasted less of your time than the bloody Lush sale wasted of my life. I've learnt a valuable lesson never to bother going online to the Lush sale, in the time i spent online i could have driven to my closest store and picked up the stuff i actually wanted. All i really wanted was more Rose Jam Shower Gel and some Snowcastle Soap. The Lush website was a shambles and there are many rumblings online that it was the worst sale yet. I haven't had experience of previous years but i thought it was bloody awfully done and they should have been more prepared! What else do they expect other than a lot of people trying to get on the website.

I did make it into the Bristol store the following day but they had run out of the shower gel :( i did manage to get some Snowcastle soap which i was very pleased with. I also picked up 3 Star Dust Bath bombs, 2 Never Mind the Ballistics, 2 Peeping Santa Bubble Bar and a Magic Wand Bubble Bar Wand, a Sugar Fairy Lip Scrub and a Santa Baby Lip Scrub. That was all they had left in the Bristol store but i was happy with my little haul. Overall it cost £27.79 which for all of that isn't bad and i will use all of it.

I have learnt a valuable lesson, don't bother looking at sales on Boxing day and also just make your way into a Lush store instead of online!

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