Ole Henricksen: Grease Relief Cleansing Cloth

I have been a fan of Fleur De Force for years and i really appreciate her opinions on products and for the most part i end up liking a lot of the products she recommends. Ole Henriksen is a brand she has spoken about quite a lot so it was a brand i looked into trying. Fleur raves about the face wipes which left my longing to try some so i finally took the plunge a few months ago.

Face wipes are not a product that i tend to use because so many people diss them and i do prefer using a cleanser to remove my make up, i just think its a lot faster and much better for my skin. Plus i am happy with my current skincare but one item that was missing was a toner and also an exfoliator. I saw the Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths in Harvey Nichols and thought i would give them a whirl.   

Recently i have been getting very shiny on my T-Zone and my pores are really bad across my cheeks and nose so i wanted something that would help combat this. There is very minimal instructions on these wipes but i have been using them after i have cleansed to take my make up off and before my serum. The wipes themselves are very textured with bobbles all over the cloth. They also have a very strong smell of eucalyptus so they feel very cleansing but i'm not sure what they actually do.

As with all skincare it is very difficult to see any difference and it takes around a month of constant use to be able to tell the difference. Due to the smell and the abrasive natural of the bobbles of the cloths they feel quite extreme so i don't use these everyday only around twice a week. Now this could be wrong however i am too scared to use them more often.   

For me these are a step too much in my skincare regime and they don't really seem to do much. There are other products which would have a similar effect for a fraction of the price. For me this is a good alternative to a scrub if you are looking for something a little bit more friendly to your skin but for me £14 is a little bit too much. Overall i have been left quite disappointed and i probably won't try any other products from Ole Henriksen in the forseeable future. A life lesson is to be learnt here, don't judge what you might like from other peoples standards, everyone likes different things!

SophaaRambles x

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