Mini Haul: Top ups and Treats

December is that time of year that we all pretend that we are spending money on others when in reality we are picking up bits for ourselves and scouting out what we want to find in the January sales. No matter who you are you always end up getting at least one item for yourself.

On Saturday before Christmas when i made the bold decision to brave town on a weekend i finally finished my Christmas shopping but i also picked up a few bits for myself. Two items were essential top ups but three were expensive items that i really didn't need but wanted anyway. Let's start with the essentials work to the most extravagant.

The most boring but necessary purchase was a new shower puff. Now i don't know the actually name of one of it but that's what i like to call it and most people know what you are talking about when you say it. Mine was looking a little bit worse for wear so i decided to splash the cash and invest. The puffs i particularly like are the ones from The Body Shop however i was in Boots so i thought i would chance the Soap and Glory one.

Whilst in Boots i knew i had to get another Cleanse and Polish from Liz Earle. I know i've spoken about this a thousand times over but it is my favourite cleanser at the moment. I ran out a few weeks ago and have been using my little travel size ever since.

Lets move on to the products i don't need but want to try anyway. Boots has recently stocking Glamglow conveniently on the same stands as Bumble and Bumble which are both owned by Estee Lauder. Nevertheless i have always wanted to try this mask after years of reading about it on numerous blogs. This dinky 15ml jar is the perfect size to try it without spending almost £40. They do four different types of the facemasks in this smaller size but i went for the original one. Look out for a blog post that will be coming all about this mask.

I was innocently walking around looking for presents and i stumbled across the Tom Ford Beauty counter. I wonder how i ended up there? The new Lips and Boys have just been released and i had my eye on the matte ones. After using Flame, a full size matte i knew i loved the formula but i wanted something a little bit more wearable. I ended up leaving with Thomas a beautiful plum shade which i have been wearing everyday since.

The final purchase was one i made on a wim and i definitely didn't need anymore of these particular products. After seeing lots of pictures of the Victoria's Secret fashion show i wanted to go into store to see if they had anything new and also anything that could magic me into looking like one of the models. I ended up trying on 4 bras but one stuck out among the rest and funnily enough it is one that featured in the show. The thing is it is a lot of money but the bras are actually the most comfy things i have ever worn and make it bearable to wear a bra for a whole day without wanting to fling it out the window at work. It isn't pictured above but i have a whole post planned about the VS bras so you might see it in that.

SophaaRambles xx

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