MAC: Nutcracker Collection

Last years MACs Christmas collection did not wow me and i do not believe i bought anything from the collection. However this year there was a definite stand out product which everyone went mad for. My Instagram feed was covered in this product and i still see it on a regular basis even though it is sold out and it is the Nutcracker Collection Face Compacts.  First of all i must say i hate the packaging for this product i think it looks a bit tacky with the pink and purple stripes and i am not a massive fan of the plastic outside of the compact which gives it a horrible chemical smell which was quite overwhelming when i opened the box.

MAC launched two different shades, Sweet Copper and Sweet Peach. Sweet Copper sold out pretty much instantly online however Sweet Peach was a little bit more of a slow burner. I was very lucky that i went into the store in Bristol the weekend they were released and they had some of both in stock. I really wanted both but i would only allow myself one. Sweet Copper has a beautiful gold highlight called Whisper of Guilt which everyone raved about as it had been released previously. Whilst the blusher was a warm copper/rust shade, they looked beautiful together but for me the highlight was too similar to Prosecco Pop from Becca. This lead me to the conclusion that i didn't need that one and i wanted the Sweet Peach as the highlight is like nothing i already own, also the whole compact suits my skin tone better.

I could not be happier with my decision, Tutu, the highlight in this compact is so beautiful and it is the first highlighter i own which is lighter than my skin. It is a very pale, iridescent champagne shade which lights up the face no matter where you use it. The blush is a light, rosey pink which when it is dusted on the cheeks gives a natural flush and never looks too much. Both of these products are amazing and i really wanted to buy one for my best friend but they had sold out by the time i had thought about it. MAC should make all of there highlighters with this formula because it feels very light and really packs on the colour. 

If you were lucky enough to buy one of these you don't need me to tell you how beautiful it is however if you didn't get it keep an eye out on MAC's limited edition because they do bring shades back. If they ever launch this highlight again i will stock up because i truly love it and i'm not sure what i am going to do when it runs out.

SophaaRambles x

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