Lush: Sugar Plum Fairy

Every year i do one big Lush haul for myself which contains all the items i might possibly want to try from the range. I have already done my massive shop for the year and i will link the post about this at the bottom of this post. However this doesn't mean that i don't make my way back into Lush for another year, No, my Lush shopping is never done. I popped in to buy a few bath bombs to add to my annual Christmas gift boxes for friends (and a few top up bath bombs for me) and sat on the till point was the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub and i thought what the hay and threw it into my basket. 

I've never owned a lip scrub from Lush before just because my lips are never really that chapped but at the time when i was buying this i was recovering from a cold and my lips felt like sandpaper. With no boyfriend i really don't have anyone to impress with my beautifully soft lips however my matte lipsticks were accentuating my dry lips and making them look like a butthole so i needed to do something. 

The minute i smelt it, this reminded me of the blackcurrant soothers which i used to love when i was younger. I never knew if they actually did anything for your throat but they tasted good. When i had that scent induced flashback i was sold instantly. For anyone familiar with Lush the scent is the same as The Comforter Bubble Bar and Shower Cream which i quite like. 

The scrubs itself has few ingredients in it but is made from caster sugar so it would be easy to make your own but who has the time for that. It is a great exfoliater and leaves your lips feeling very soft. To use it i just rub it onto my lips, wipe off some of the excess and then lick of the rest (it tastes good what can i say). If your lips are super chapped its not going to work miracles but for the most part it is a good product.

The lip scrubs aren't something i would use all year round as during the summer i stay off the matte lipsticks a bit more but if you need a good lip scrub try out on of the lush ones. 

SophaaRambles x

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