Jo Malone London: Pine and Eucalyptus

Every year for as long as i can remember my mother has always had the Mandarin, Clove and Cinnamon candles from Marks and Spencer in the house during Christmas so that scent has become synonymous with the season for me. When i left to go to university i continued the tradition and to this day i always by one. Its spicy notes softened by a clean citrus set me up for the festive season. However there is another scent which rivals my love for for the M&S candle which is a little bit more savage on my bank balance.

Anyone familiar with Jo Malone London knows that the scents are incredible but i never expected to like Pine and Eucalyptus. The scent is the complete opposite of the M&S candle, it is very fresh smells and a slightly more outdoory scent. It has notes of Pine, Eucalyptus, Clove, Cinnamon and Cypress which means it has notes of your typical festive candles. There is only one year that i can remember having a real Christmas tree but this candle smells like a real tree. If you don't want the hassle of a real tree but want the smell this is a cleaner option. I was very kindly given one of these candles by a friend last year and this year i decided to commit and buy myself one. This candle is going to become a Christmas staple and it smells incredible when it is burnt with the M&S candle, it is the ultimate festive combo. 

Jo Malone makes the most beautiful present because they always do such an amazing job of wrapping them so if you are still looking for a gift this is a great one. Not only do you not need to wrap it but at £42 it isn't necessarily something you would buy yourself. Pine and Eucalyptus comes in the candle, room spray and a diffuser however i recommend the candle as who uses a room spray these days? and the diffuser lasts for almost a year and i'm not sure you are going to want something so festive during the summer, at least if you have some of the candle left you can keep it until next year. 

SophaaRambles x

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