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I think i might have mentioned that i started a new job recently, note the heavy sarcasm! Surprisingly this new job allows me to get up a little bit later, a whole 15 minutes later but none the less this is a massive improvement. However this extra time doesn't mean that i have more time to get ready it just means i can sleep more. I love playing around with make up and i have a lot to play with but in the mornings i just can't be bothered and end up using the same thing everyday. Today i thought i would share with you what i have currently been using as for me if it is a go to product it must be a gooden.

There are some products which i use everyday like my foundation and mascara which don't change because i know they work and i have spoken about these many times so i am just going to mention the ones which i am more likely to change daily. Overall these products provide a very warm look and makes me look slightly more alive in the cooler months, especially when i have been suffering with a cold.

The Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Indiscretion is beautiful and has been taking the place of Becca's Champange Pop. For daytime and going to work this is just a little bit more subtle and it blend in seamlessly with the blush that i have been using. These highlights are beautiful and i can not recommend them enough. FYI the Christmas palette with all 4 shades in is beautiful!

To apply a tiny contour and also to give my face a little bit of a bronzed look i use the Bottom shade in the Tom Ford Skin Illuminating duo in Moodlight. The formula of this is incredible and i love the way it gives an effortless look like you've just had a winter holiday. It gives my face shape without ever being too much which i love. For some people this could be used as a highlighter but i am so pale it works to warm up my death pale face.

Having bought the Amber x9 Eyeshadow Palette from MAC i have used it almost everyday since. Some days i don't have enough time to do all of my make up at home so i always try to get my base done so that i don't scare everyone i meet and then do the rest when i am having my morning Starbucks. (Current Fav is the Gingerbread Latte) This palette is the perfect size to just throw in my bag and i have an array of looks i can create. At the moment i am loving the gold shade in the centre all over the lid with the brown shade to the right of the gold in the crease mixed with a little bit of the brown in the centre on the bottom row. The warmth of all of these shades just looks amazing with the rest of the look and isn't too heavy. 

I haven't spoken about this blush before but i bought it whilst i was in America in the summer, it is the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. It is a gorgeous peach shade which gives a natural flush to the skin, i just can help but love it and it is highly raved about all over the internet. 

The final product which pulls the whole look together is my favourite lipstick of the moment which is the Tom Ford Matte Lipstick in Flame. I have always loved this sort of shade however during Autumn it just gives a brightness that is lacking in my skin. It is a nice alternative to a cool toned red which i prefer closer to Christmas. I have spoken about this lipstick a lot so i will link a post down below. 

What are some of your go to make up items at the moment?

SophaaRambles x

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