Charlotte Tilbury: Mini Lipsticks

I can finally unleash this post on the world as i have already had an early Christmas with my best friend who i bought these for. I saw the Mini Lipstick Charms from Charlotte Tilbury last year and i thought they were the cutest little lipsticks i had ever seen. Admittedly i only saw pictures of them online last year so i didn't quite realise how small they are, I defintely wasn't prepared for how small they are in real life. Last years selection was the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range that Charlotte does which is a more glossy, metallic finish but this year it is the turn of the Matte Revolution range which is my personal favourite. 

My best friend had never tried Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks before so i thought this would be a great gift for her as the lipsticks are so mini that even if she doesn't like them it doesn't really matter. My favourite thing about this set is that it covers all lipstick bases and is a great way to get into lipsticks. The shades included are: Very Victoria, Amazing Grace and Red Carpet Red. Very Victoria is a cool toned nude, Amazing Grace is a pink with muted red tones and Red Carpet Red which is a classic red shade. I have Amazing Grace and it is one of my favourite lipsticks and i think it is important to give a gift that you can recommend. 

If you are still thinking about what to get someone for Christmas i highly recommend this cute little set. At £29 it isn't too expensive and it is a great introduction into the brand. If i wasn't a lipstick junkie who already had too many i would buy this for myself but i do not need anymore lipsticks!

SophaaRambles x

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