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It is that time of year where the evenings get darker quicker and everyone's lip shades reflect this. During the summer months i love a nude shade with the occasional red lips thrown in. The autumn is the time that the dark lips come out but the occasional nude makes it way into the pack. I thought i would take you through some of the lipsticks i am currently loving for the winter seasons and how they vary depending on my mood. I have narrowed down my collection into a few shades that i reach for in hopes of giving you an idea of what sort of lipsticks are good for the next coming months.

The Slightly Different Shades 

So i am starting off with the more unusual shades i like to wear during the A/W season which a lot of people wouldn't consider a staple. These two shades are a little bit more playful, slightly more adventurous and shades that i loved wearing this time last year. I love a bold pillar box red lipstick as we move closer to Christmas however for the rest of the colder months i like a little bit more of a warmer red with more of an orangey tone like the Tom Ford Lipstick in Flame. I have spoken about this a lot in recent week but i think it just adds a bit of liveliness to what is usually a very bland outfit. During this time of year i have a very dark colour scheme in my wardrobe and this lipstick brightens it up. 

Another one which has a similar effect but which is a little bit more nude is Malik also by Tom Ford but it is part of the Lips and Boys collection. Lipsticks with a more purple tone aren't something i go towards in the warmer months as i opt for something with a warmer undertone however during winter i feel like it reflects the mood of the season. Malik is sort of a muted berry, an entry level berry if you will so it is prefect for the daytime. I think it is important to have a form of nude within your winter collection because you can't wear berry tones all the time. I wore this a lot last winter and i imagine it will be no different this year. Since the new Lips and Boys line up has been released this lipstick unfortunately didn't make the cut however Julian provides a similar effect without the metallic finish.

A Staple Nude

Having said that Malik was a good nude to have in your collection as it is a purple tone in my eyes it isn't your traditional nude shade so it is important to factor in a traditional nude. Nude shades are still very in at the moment and one of my favourites is the Kat Von D Everlasting Lisptick in Lolita. I think it is a beautiful shade anyway but for the colder months it is a little bit darker than a nude nude so it make you look more alive, even when you might not be feeling it with all the colds that are going around. For me this sort of shade embodies Autumn but just make sure you lips are moisturised before wearing this one too much. I have done a whole review on this lipstick which i will link below if you want to know more.

The Typical Berry Shades!

It is important to get your berry shades down at the time of year, there are so many available and it is important to find ones which work for you. After many years of working through different tones i have learnt that i need a warmer tone to my berry shades or they make me look dead. I loved the idea of High Drama, A Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick from MAC but when i tried it it made me look like i had died from frostbite 20 years ago and had come back to feature in an episode of the Walking Dead. However the shade really suits one of my best friends who is naturally more tanned than me, so you never know that sort of thing could suit you. The shades that i love using are similar to the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte, it is a deep red with a hint of purple to it but mostly red. As you can see from the picture i've used it a lot. 

Another shade i love is the Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick which was a limited edition last year. This once again is a berry tone but it has a lot more purple tones in it than the Nars lipstick so i combine it. I layer the L'Oreal Collection Exclusive lipstick in Blake's Red. Combined this adds the warmth than i need in the Ariana Shade and creates a perfect berry shade for me. Additionally i do love the L'Oreal lipstick on its own and i have worn it on Christmas day for the past two years as it is the perfect festive red.

I hope this has given you some ideas on which shades you would like to add to your lipstick collection and maybe even inspired you to mix two lipsticks to make a perfect shade. Is there something i'm missing from my collection let me know!

SophaaRambles x

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