Ted Baker: Callah Jumper

Recently i let you guys in on my yearly treat where i purchase a Ted Baker jumper and i mentioned that i had my eye on this years front runner, the Callah Jumper and the time has come and my money has been spent. When i was looking at this years selection i had in my mind that i wanted something slightly more plain and with my new job i wanted something that is office work appropriate.

This jumper is very plain with only the over-sized bow detail on the left shoulder to make it a little bit less plain. As i mentioned it is 47% wool which is amazing for winter as it really keeps you warm and has a tiny bit of cashmere in it however it is not enough for the jumper to be super soft. When you wear it, it is a little scratchy but for me that is something that i don't really mind if the item of clothing is cute. 

It has three quarter length sleeves which makes it great for layering but also makes it a little bit more flattering. I find i always like my sleeves this length as it is more comfortable and you don't get the ends wet when you wash your hands which is the worst thing during the winter months. 

Online they display this top with a pair of culotte trousers however as i am super petite anything culotte makes me look like i'm drowning in fabric so i like to wear this with a pair of high-waisted jeans. This jumper is a slightly more cropped length and it sit just above my bum so if i wear a pair of jeans that make my bum look good this jumper shows it off. It also looks great tucked into a high-wasited skirt, either a skater skirt or a pencil skirt if you want to dress it up a little bit. If i were to wear this to work that is how i would wear it.

At £99 this is quite expensive for a plain jumper however it fits so perfectly it is worth the money, plus i know it is something that i will wear a lot! I know from experience that Ted Baker Jumpers last a long time and they still look good. Since i bought this i haven't stopped wearing it which is a slight problem as it is slightly more difficult to wash, it is hand wash only which is my least favourite way of washing things. I am so happy with this jumper and i am happy to share it with you.

SophaaRambles x

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