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I love buying lipstick, i think there is nothing better than reinventing yourself on a day-to-day basis with a different lip shade. One thing that i love about buying certain lipsticks is that not only do i get a new one but whilst i am buying it i am also helping a very worthy charity. Viva Glam is a lipstick range which MAC has been creating for years now with five permanent shades and the constant changing of a celeb inspired range so well. Everytime a new Viva Glam lipstick comes out i always like to go and try it to see if its something i need in my collection (especially if it is a celeb i like)

Over the years i have slowly been picking and choosing the shade that i love from the collections and i have now got 4 different lipsticks with one lip gloss. These have been the celebs who have helped it over the past three years and i have at least one from each year. They usually do two which seem to cover the year. I thought i would take you through each lipstick and tell you a bit more about it. 

The first Viva Glam range i saw was their collaboration with Rihanna and when i saw the shade i knew i wanted it, so when it was released i had my make up done by MAC and they used the lipstick, i ending up buying the lipstick, gloss and Teddy eyeliner. It is a frost finish with red and gold shimmer running through the bullet. This has been my go to night out lipstick ever since and i always put the lipglass on top to give it even more of a shine. The matching gloss isn't my favourite as i am not a fan of gloss and this particular one is quite sticky and does go quite stringy. It is ok but you definitely need to blot it down, which i find is the case with most of their lipglasses i've tried. 

The most recent shade i have bought is the first lipstick they did with Ariana Grande. I love Ariana Grande and i was really intrigued by this colour. It is a deep plum shade with more of a purple tone than berry. It is a matte finish however it does have a bit of a shine to it when applied. On its own this is a little bit too cool toned for me but i like to wear a red underneath this so it has more of a berry tone. I loved the lipglass which came with this lipstick but after my experience with the Rihanna one i knew i wouldn't use it. MAC have recently launched their second lipstick with Ariana but it is way to orchid pink and would definitely look good if you have a tan, for me but once again the lipglass looks amazing! 

A collaboration which i did buy both lipsticks from was the one they did with Miley Cyrus. I just thought both of them were shades i wanted to try and they were both very different from anything i had in my collection. The first shade was a bright pink which isn't something i would usually go for however i saw it on In the Frow and it looked amazing also on one of my friends so i thought i would give it a go. Unfortunately as you can probably tell, i haven't worn it very much because it isn't a shade i would normally go for and it doesn't really suit me.  

However the second shade from Miley Cyrus is one of my favourite lipsticks i've ever had. I wasn't sure about buying it at first because i had never worn an orange lipstick but this has become a signature for me. It is an orange but with quite a red base tone so it is a little bit more muted. I wear this all the time and im so gutted that this was limited edition. If you like the look of this i have a post coming up with a dupe for this shade.

The whole point of this post was to show that the Viva Glam range is an amazing one to get involved with and it really helps other people by buying them. It also gives you a chance to try some shades which you might not necessarily go for if it wasn't limited edition. I love that the packaging changes a little bit, with the standard MAC lipstick shape but a rosy red shade with black. Currently the Viva Glam lipstick avalible is the second one from Ariana which isn't one for me but you never know you might like it. Viva Glam was probably the start to my lipstick buying obsession so it is all your fault MAC!

Let me know if you would like to see a full MAC Lipstick collection!

SophaaRambles x

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