MAC: Miley Cyrus 2 Dupe

Last year when my lipstick collection wasn't quite as extensive as it is now, i absolutely loved wearing rose nude shades and pretty such stuck to this colour scheme. Matte nude lips were just becoming popular due to Kylie Jenner and her lip kits didn't even exist. It was a simpler time but it was also when i purchased one of my all time favourite lipsticks, MACs Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2.

This shade didn't get a whole lotta love from the blogging community and i'm not really sure why because it is beautiful. It is a orange with a red undertone, it is quite a tomato shade. For me it gives a lovely alternative to a bold red lip without being too orange. Prior to this shade i had no orange shades just because i don't think they really suited me but the red in this one makes it more wearable. 

For the year that i have owned this lipstick i have worn it a lot and i loved wearing this one to work when i could get away with a bolder lip. As i wear the lipstick more i am all too aware that it was limited edition which means i won't be able to get it again so i made it my mission to find a dupe.

(Top=Flame, Bottom=Miley Cyrus 2)

After endless swatching at various different make up counters i found two which very similar, MACs Lady Danger but it is slightly more red toned than this lipstick and Tom Fords Flame which is pretty much an exact match! Flame is a slightly brighter shade but it has the same undertone and very similar orange. The formula differs slightly the MAC one is slightly more matte and you can feel it slightly more on your lips whereas the Tom Ford one is very light on the lips and is slightly less drying. The Tom Ford i was very lucky to be given by friends when i left my old job but it is £39 which is a lot compared to the MAC one which was £15.50. If the Miley Cyrus one still existed i would obviously by that but as an alternative i think i am going to have to stick to the Tom Ford one from now on. I am not opposed to buying the Tom Ford lipstick just because i know they are good but i also know i love this shade and it is something i wear a lot.

When i bought this lipstick it was very out there for me but since i got it it has been a revelation and it has told me a valuable lesson, to be more adventurous with my lipsticks. Let me know if you have tried this lipstick and what you thought about it also is there any limited editions you loved and found a dupe for?

SophaaRambles x

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