Kiehls: Creme De Corps

For many years i exclusively used The Body Shop Body Butters but after a while i decided i wanted to branch out and try something new so turned to Jo Malone London i do love their body cremes and i have a post coming about one of them but once again i've wanted to try something new. 

My problem with the Body Shop body butter was the consistency, it is very thick which is lovely on the weekends and it felt very moisturising but it took soooo long to sink and it got to the point where i was fed up of waiting around. The Jo Malone London Body Cremes are a beautiful product and it is leaves your skin feeling very moisturised and it sinks in super quickly but it is £50 which for a treat is fine but for everyday, is slightly more ridiculous. Kiehl's is not a cheap brand but it will always be cheaper than Jo Malone London. 

Kiehl's is a brand which i had never used prior to the Creme de Corps Body Butter but after this it is a brand that i want to try more products from. Kiehls is a brand that i have had limited access to as it was only available in House of Fraser in Bristol which isn't a beauty hall i visit very often, however for a while you could buy it from Harvey Nichols. I bought this not too long ago but i have to say i have been really enjoying it. 

The texture of the product is bizzare for something that is called a 'body butter' it is definitely more of a mousse texture with regular air bubbles throughout the product, it is very light and smooth in texture. With The Body Shop ones it almost feels like you have to melt it a little bit but this one applied beautifully from the get go. It skins into the skin very quickly so it is great for the mornings that you don't have much time. I also think that if you are someone who usually likes more of a lotion formula this have a very similar feel on the skin even though it is a butter.

The scent itself is very light however it is slightly more sweet, the scent being given from some of the key ingredients like honey and shea butter. The scent does linger so if you aren't sure about the smell, it doesn't fade very quickly so that is something to consider but i don't mind it. It does also contain Jojoba oil which is a great moisturiser and helps to soften the skin. 

At £36 it isn't that much cheaper than Jo Malone however the brand does go into promotion so it will occasionally have 10% off which Jo Malone never does. I have really enjoyed using this and it will come in handing now that it is a lot colder and my skin is a lot more thirsty. If you were looking for a new mosituriser it might be worth looking at Kiehls because they do all different types of mositurisers within this range.

SophaaRambles x

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