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It is the time of year that brands bring out lots of new products in preparation for Christmas so now is an amazing time to keep your eye out for new products. Tom Ford are launching a whole load of products including their Winter Soleil collection (i need to get my hands on the Warm Cheek and Eyes Palette) but also they will be launching more Lips and Boys. The Lips and Boys collection is one of my favourites concepts ever! It is a collection of 50 different lipsticks all named after boys who have influenced Tom Ford's life. If your lucky there could a lipstick which matches the man in your life however as i am single this is isn't something i considered when buying them.

The actual size of the lipstick is what i love about this collection they are smaller than your average lipstick with only 2g of product whereas the full size has 3g. I love this because i never get through a whole lipstick anyway so this smaller size makes getting through a lipstick an achievable goal. They are also great for your handbag as they are so small, so you can carry lots of them and they are amazing for clutch bags!

The collection is a mixture of different shades and different finishes, There are currently no matte finishes however they are adding some to the next line up. Currently they are all grouped into different shade categories; Light Pink to Muave, Violets to Orchid, Nudes to Brown, Pop Pinks to Roses, Plums, Corals to Oranges, Deep Reds and Silvers to Black. All of these lipsticks are very creamy and feel very light on the lips. None of them are massively long wearing, on average lasting around two hours on me, they feel quite hydrating on the lips so if you struggle with dryness they aren't going to exaggerate it. 

As you can see i have only ever bought nude shades, just because i know they are the shades that i would get the most wear from. I have bought these over a long time but if you buy 3 then they come in a lovely Tom Ford box. 

(Addison, Julian, Collin, Jude, Malik, Jake)

The lipsticks are all numbered so i have organised them in number order, starting with Addison, a newer one to the collection but it is a beautiful pale pink nude with a warm tone to it and a subtle shimmer. For me it is very reminiscent of a cremesheen formula from MAC. This one is the one that i've got the most wear from because it is very easy to wear and pretty much goes with every make-up look.

The next shade is Julian, it is a cool toned pink/purple which is a similar formula to Addison, it is very creamy but it has less shimmer in it. I find this one leaves a little bit of stain even once it has worn off. This one is a great one for someone with paler skin but it also looks good more towards the Autumn as it has that slight purple to it. I like to wear it with a golden eye just to balance out the look a little bit.

The third in the line up is Collin, which is a muted red/brown, sort of a rose shade with a hint of plum. This was one of the original shade i bought and i really do love it. However i did also buy this shade for my mum as a present and she keeps it for best so it really suits slightly older people as well. It is a very classic shade and it doesn't have too much shimmer in it which is something that my mum looks for in a lipstick. It really suits her but it means that we have to coordinate so we don't wear it at the same time. 

(Addision, Julian, Collin)

Jude is the most recent addition to my collection and it is quite a bright pink, it is not a shade i would go for however it isn't too bright so it has been great for the summer. It is a more cool toned pink with more shimmer in it, more like a frost finish. I have been wearing this with MAC's Runway Hit which was a limited edition lipstick but it is a Retro Matte finish and very drying so putting this one on top softens it.

I have to admit that i only really bought Malik because it reminded me of Zayn but i'm not sure why because he wasn't my favourite member of One Direction. Once again it has a slightly more purple tone, a bit like Julian but with more prominent gold flecks of shimmer in it. This one gives more of a metallic finish to the lips and once again i prefer this one more in Autumn/Winter. This one makes your lips look amazing in pictures.

The final shade is Jake which alongside Addison is my favourite shade. It is a deeper rosy pink with more shimmer in it than Addison. The formula is more like Jude with the chunkier shimmer and the more frost finish. It is one of the more easier ones to wear as it goes with a lot of make up looks.

(Jude, Malik, Jake)

At £28 these are very expensive for a lipstick especially considering it is a miniature lipstick however if you have been wanting a Tom Ford lipstick but don't want to splash out £39 for a full size these are a great way of trying them. I love getting these are presents for my friends because they are a treat item and not necessarily something you would buy yourself but if you get the wrong shade it isn't too bad as they aren't massive.

I will definitely be at my local counter when the new ones are launched as matte lipsticks are my favourite and Tom Ford make a good matte lipstick. When they bring out the new ones later on this year, 25 of the current range will remain and 25 new ones will replace the others. I look forward to seeing the ones they keep and the ones which get replaced. Before they are changed i do have my eye on Drake and Ian. Drake would be a little bit different as it is a deeper purple with a berry tone however this one was quite hard to get your hands on. Whereas Ian is a light pink with gold flecks, potentially very similar to the ones i currently own. 

I completely think these lipsticks are worth the money, they apply so smoothly and look amazing when you wear them and also it is about the way they make you feel. When i wear these lipsticks i feel very sophisticated and like i've put a lot of effort in. 

Have you tried the Lips and Boys or any Tom Ford Lipstick and if so what did you think? Are they worth the money.

SophaaRambles xx

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