Lush: Winter Haul 2016

Its that time of year when everyone's blogs and videos are taken up with the ultimate Lush hauls and i am no different. As everyone says if you can't bet them join them however Lush has been one of my favourite brand for years (if you couldn't tell in my Ode to Honey Bee Bath Bomb the other week.) Now i don't want to bore you with a long intro so lets get started.

I'm pretty sure i have had all of these bath bombs before, apart from one, but some of them have changed appearance but it means i will be able to give full reviews for most of the products. They seemed to have a lot of Christmas products this year which was great but also overwhelming so i gravitated towards the ones i knew i loved. There were a lot more fresher/greener smelling bath bombs this year going against there usual spicy/sugary sweet Christmas scents. As always i stayed very far away from anything Snow Fairy scented as i have always hated bubblegum smells for as long as i can remember.

The first thing i picked up was the Rose Jam Shower Gel, i buy some every year and it is definitely my favourite lush scent. Every year i try to stock up so i have enough for the rest of the year and throughout this year i have slowly been getting though it meaning i've only just opened my last bottle. It is the most inappropriate scent for winter but i still love it. Floral scents aren't usually ones associated with the cooler months when most people opt for something spicy but i don't care and i think it is amazing. It is one of the only rose scents i like just because it is super sweet and not a traditional rose scent so i don't think it smells like a granny. 

Another stable product for me was always Snowcake Soap and once again it is a product i have been using for years but imagine my dismay when i couldn't find it. Then a lovely gentleman from the Bristol store showed me Snowcastle Soap which is basically the same scent but a different shape and a different formula. It smells like Marzipan, has a hint of rose and almond and it is very buttery on the skin. Once again this is something i will be stocking up on over the next few months.

Ok so Star Dust i believe is new this year and is the product i haven't tried before. The smell is amazing, it is quite fresh which comes from the Bergamot in it but also contains a warmth from Vanilla and Rosewood. It look quite plain however after seeing this one online i know it contains little stars which diffuse out into your bath. I love the idea of this bath bomb and i can't wait to see it in action. However I will warn you it is quite a powdery formula so it fulls apart quite easily so i would use this one quite quickly. 

Poor Butterbear looks very plain just like Star Dust but he actually don't colour the bath and he has nothing inside of him. Once again it is a vanilla scent and contains cocoa butter so it helps to soften the skin. There are no thrills with this bath bomb which means he can be over looked and i have to admit i do still have one from last year but this is a great bath bomb for a relaxing winter evening when you just want to feel calm. 

When i first picked up So White a few years ago i wasn't too sure about the scent however when it is in your bath it smells like fresh apples and it is one of the most relaxing bath bombs i've ever used. Previously it has been an all white bath bomb so like Butterbear it didn't look very exciting however this year they have made it look more like an apple. It has colour inside which actually turns the bath a lovely light blue. Over the years this has also become one of my favourite products and something i look for every year. On Lush Kitchen the sometimes do a shower gel which matches and i would love to get my hands on some. 

Once again the Christmas Penguin is a Lush classic and i buy one every year. This is the only bubble bar i purchased this year just because i prefer bath bombs to bubble bars. This one is very cute looking and i always feel guilty about taking him apart. The scent of this one is very citrusy but it has a warm, comforting feel to it as well. I like to use this alongside one of the bath bombs just to add that bit of warmth and also to add bubbles. 

The blue bath bomb pictured is an updated version of Shoot for the Moon which looked very different last year. This year the gold stars in it are an oil and they slowly melt away and release gold glitter. This has the same scent as the Honey Bee Bath Bomb so if you are a fan like me but they haven't got any in your local store this is a good alternative. I have to say i do prefer Honey Bee just because it doesn't have the glitter in it.  

As you can see i also bought another Lord of Misrule which is a Halloween bath bomb but i love it so much that i wanted to get another for my stock pile.

Golden Wonder is back and as always i had to buy one. I actually found one from last year in my Lush box so i used it in my bath today. Like the Christmas Penguin and Star Dust this is a very cirtusy bath bomb and one of the most glittery. Shaped like a present i always look forward to using this bath bomb and i usually buy one for each of my friends to add to their Christmas presents because it is super festive. If you were looking to try one Christmas bath bomb from Lush this would be the one i recommend. 

So there you have it, my Winter Lush Haul for 2016! No doubt i will pop into Lush at least 20 times before the festive season has ended and i will top up on a few products which i have loved. I currently have my eye on the Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb, Magic Wand Soap and a Peeping Santa Bubble Bar which i actually bought last year and i've only just finished it.  Let me know what your favourite Lush Christmas product is and if there is anything i should consider trying.

SophaaRambles xx

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