Burberry: My A/W Fragrance

It has started, when i get up in the morning it is dark and when i finish work it is getting darker earlier. As we have moved into October we have moved into Autumn, my favourite season of the year. I love the transitional shades of leaves on all of the trees and the bitter chill in the morning whilst the sun is starting to peak out. Autumn also brings with it my favourite fashions like layering and jackets. Not only does my fashion change but so does my fragrance.

My outfits start to encompass more warmth and i like my fragrance to do the same and i also like something which is a little bit stronger, something that will last on my scarf for a good couple of days. My go to fragrance at the moment is My Burberry by Burberry. When the fragrance was created, the inspiration behind its creation was the classic Burberry trench coat. The bottle reflects this with a piece of the trench coat material bowed around its neck. For me the fragrance is very comforting like a coat during the cooler winter months. The fragrance is actually supposed to be reminiscent of an English garden just after it has rained and i kind of get this, it is very floral with a hint of freshness to it but i also feel like there is more to it. 

My Burberry has floral notes littered through the top, heart and base notes so the floral accents are reinforced throughout the fragrance. However there are also a lot of citrus notes in the top note keeping it fresher with musk and patchouli in the base notes giving it a real depth and warmth. 

The bottle itself looks very understated for Burberry and very classic, i do like to display this one on my dresser. The Christmas limited edition last year was even more beautiful with the glitter inside however i couldn't justify the price at the time. I've had this fragrance for a while now however i do really love it for cooler days because it has a comforting smell to it. I love a floral scent however this one seems a little bit more sophisticated than some of my other perfumes. 

What is your favourite fragrance at the moment?

SophaaRambles xx

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