Alexander Wang: Rockie Bag

In the designer world there are only sales two times a year, Summer and Christmas. Last Christmas in the boxing day sales i picked up a new handbag and i haven't really spoken about it yet. The last handbag i shared with you was my Sophie Hulme bag which i still love however as it is a tote it doesn't have a zip and i have found myself going to London and travelling more and more so i wanted a bag which was a bit smaller and more secure. Whilst looking though the sales i found an Alexander Wang Rockie Bag which i have always wanted so i picked it up.

As a brand Alexander Wang is bit of funny one, i feel like there are a few pieces which it is really well known for but other than that it is a slightly more niche brand for someone who isn't all that into fashion. The Gabi boots (the ones with the cut out on the heel) are well loved and a piece that i have long had my eye on, alongside the Rockie/Rocco bag. The brand is also known for its more casual style, creating more basic and core pieces which is something i like to invest in when i am buying designer. I remember reading an article on Alexander Wang in Vogue and i found it very interesting to find out more about the man behind the brand which made me want to buy into it.

The Rockie bag is smaller version of the Rocco bag which was a larger tote style bag which was very popular a few years ago and a lot of people had it however its popularity has died down a little bit.  I was immediately drawn in by the style of the bag, i have always liked a bowler bag just because you can fit lots in them and they usually aren't too big. I must admit i wasn't too sure about it being navy but i thought it would be a nice alternative to my black bags. The leather is calf skin and it is a very durable leather. It is also very textured meaning that if there are any marks they don't really show on the bag. I have been using this bag pretty much everyday since i bought it and it still looks very new and barely shows any scratches.

(Using the bag in America)

My favourite thing about this bag is the detailing, i love that it is very simple looking but that it has all of these studs on the bottom. The studs do make the bag quite heavy, especially if you have a lot in it but i just love the look of them. I feel like this is a very casual bag and is perfect for everyday use. If i have something important and more businessy to do then i use my Sophie Hulme bag but this is my casual bag. It looks amazing with a basic top and jeans just to elevate the look with a little but of detail. Originally this bag was £695 however i paid just under £300 for it which i was really pleased with.

You can still buy different versions of this bag however the particular one i bought was a seasonal piece. After almost a year of using this bag i still love it and i hope it will keep going for a long time.

SophaaRambles x

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