Valentino Rockstuds

Valentino Rockstuds are the sort of shoes that i thought would have their moment and then they would fade away as they are such a distinct shoe but this has worked in its favour and a few years down the line they are still relevant. Around three years ago i first saw the Rockstuds and i fell in love immediately they are exactly my style, very feminine with a little bit of an edge. Whenever i saw them on Instagram or someone wearing them they always looked so elegant even though they have all of those studs on them and from then on they have always been on my wishlist. That was up until a few months ago when i had managed to save enough to buy them.

They are my first designer shoe purchase and i couldn't be more pleased with them, they are everything i expected them to be. This purchase did not come without lots of consideration, i knew i definitely wanted the 100mm heel as i prefered the caging detail on these ones rather than the lower shoe; i liked that they are a little bit more simple with the one angle strap rather than three. I always preferred this style. The colour was something that i had to consider a little bit more. Rockstuds are a style of shoe which has only just started to go into sales however it is always the brighter shades and more seasonal ones so i have never found any i like and the ones i do like are always sold out by the time i see them. At the moment I am loving the baby pink, light blue and grey shades however they are slightly more specific shades and don't pair as well with everything but they do look amazing on Instagram. The blush shade is very popular with bloggers and i can see why, they are such a classic colour and they go with literally everything. When i am buying designer i do try to go for classic colours so i had to decided between the matte black or patent nude rockstuds.

In the end, as you can see in the picture, i went with the Blush Patent Pair as that was what they had in my local store but also i had my eye on a different pair of designer shoes in black which i will tell you about later in a different post. In the end i just loved the blush shade, it pairs well with the gold studs and at the moment i am loving a bit of gold detailing. I thought these would be amazing for any fancy occasions as they would go with literally every outfit and i am at that age where people i know are starting to get married so these will definitely be worn to a wedding or two. 

When you open the box you are greeted by the dust bag which is folded up on top with little envelopes with spare studs and heel ends which you definitely need as the heels are so thin. Under the dust bag tissue paper is folded over the shoes and there is also a little bit of bubble wrap over the top and surrounding the shoes. As you can see in the picture below, once you have gotten through all of the layers above the shoes, they are very securely wrapped in the box so if you wanted to order a pair online they will be safe in transit. I was really impressed when i opened them for the first time to see them packaged like this because you know they are safe in the box and there is tissue which helps the shoe maintain their shape when you aren't wearing them.

I have worn them and they are very comfortable for a heel but they are still a heel so if you don't like wearing heels they aren't as comfy as wearing flats. These are a good intro into heels but a very expensive introduction! I wore mine out to a meal and they looked amazing with the plain black dress i wore and provided something interesting to the outfit. I did unfortunately injure my poor babies and i now have a little rip in the leather on the heel :( i couldn't believe it when i saw it but as time has past i have moved on and you can't really see it from afar. I am going to try and get them fixed but it will probably mean sending them away. The heel is super thin which is part of why they look so elegant however this usually makes heels more uncomfortable but this shoes are so comfy to barely notice.

My rockstuds were definitely an investment piece but as i get older that is something i look for now when i am buying a designer item. Hopefully these will last me a long time even though i am a doughnut and broke them on my first wear. I am completely in love with them and they complete my wardrobe. At £620 they are something that i saved for for a long time and they were definitely a considered purchase! 

SophaaRambles xx

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