Ted Baker: Halis Jacket

Recently i have found myself very uninspired by my wardrobe, as most people find themselves at the start of a season change. As we move into the cooler months of Autumn with night drawing in faster i find myself faced with last years A/W clothes and i've got to say i'm not liking much of it. There are a few pieces which will be brought back however the time has come for an update.

Not only do i find myself in a very transitional phase in terms of weather but this is also reflected in my actual life. With a change to person circumstances i always find myself trying to reinvent myself and my wardrobe. The other week i found myself in need of a formal outfit for an interview. Now of course i have a stable outfit for such an occasion but i had already used it to meet the same people a week prior. The panic set in as i realised i had nothing. I had had my eye on a jacket from Ted Baker for while but had no real need to buy it and this seemed like the perfect opportunity and excuse to buy it. 

This jacket is the Halis, Cropped Textured Jacket. The jacket is not a casual jacket, its the sort of piece i imagine wearing to important meetings and such. I originally saw it in John Lewis a few months ago and thought it would be prefect to replace a H&M jacket i bought a few years ago which is looking a bit tatty and it would be something more wearable than the Cream Ted Baker jacket i bought last year in the sale. It is black however it isn't too plain as it has the textured design which makes it a little bit different. The shape is very boxy however as it is cropped it allows for a figure so it is actually quite flattering. I love that there is no collar as there is nothing to get foundation marks on and it elongates my stumpy neck. Overall it is just very classic piece.

I wore it for for my interview and i felt very comfortable in it and i felt it made me look quite smart which is an important feeling to have when you are interviewing. Since then i have been wearing it a lot, mainly to work but also out and about if i want to take a very casual look and make it look like i've put a little bit more effort in.

At £199 it is the most i have spent on a jacket but the cost per wear is going down quite rapidly as i wear it more and more. It is a very staple jacket and due to its design it will never go out of fashion so a worthy investment. 

SophaaRambles x

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