NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

As i've said before matte liquid lipsticks are having their moment and i am fully behind this trend. I think they are perfect for a long work day where you don't have easy access to make up, as the wear time on them is longer than your average lipstick. The same goes for nights out, you don't want your lipstick to be all over your face whilst your stumbling out of a club at 3 in the morning, at least then part of you isn't looking messy. I am constantly looking for the best liquid lipstick so i have tried quite a few and i want to share some of my findings with you guys.

As this is such a popular trend at the moment there are so many different brands and formulas to choose from. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are a nice alternative to a matte liquid lipstick if you aren't too keen on that moisture sucking formula that some liquid lipsticks have (Anastasia Beverly Hills.)

Unfortunately NYX hasn't come to any of the Boots stores in Bristol so on a recent visit to Bath i took a look at the counter there. I am currently on a make up buying ban so i didn't want to go mad but i couldn't pass up the opportunity to try some of their products and i've seen a lot about these online. I got two shades 02 Stockholm and 32 Rome, Stockholm is a peachy nude which is very similar to the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Back in Vogue. Rome is a deep pink/rose/muave shade which i have been wearing quite a lot because it isn't like anything else i own. Can i just point out the shade range for this product is insane so there is definitely something for everyone. There are so many different shades varying from very wearable nudes to some more eccentric blues and greys which are a little bit harder to pull off and colours that i think i will leave for the braver souls out there.

The formula itself is something very different from anything i have tried before. As the name suggests it is a cream formula however it does dry down and goes matte. It doesn't dry down as much as something like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipsticks, it keeps some movement but it contains no shimmer. Additionally it is a lot thicker than your usual liquid lipstick. The colour is very opaque when it applies however it can be quite uneven so you do have to work a little bit so it ends up even. The wear time isn't as long as an actual liquid lipsticks but that is to be expected because it isn't as drying. I have been wearing it to work and on my average work day it is pretty much worn off by lunch time.

The one downside for me is the smell; the smell is actually enough to put me off using them, they stink! They smell like a super sweet cupcake which has way to much icing on it. Not only is it very sickly sweet but it is very strong so when you apply the lip cream, you can really smell it and once its applied i can even smell it on my lips. I am quite sensitive to smell but i'm pretty sure it would be too much for most people.

At £5.50 these are a really good product for the price however i am so unimpressed by the smell i definitely won't be buying anymore. I do like the formula and i love the colours of the two shades i bought but unfortunately it wasn't enough for me. I will keep using the ones i have but after that, that's it. I have only had mine a month but i have heard that they go off and dry up quite quickly so maybe i won't have them for that long anyway. However these have intrigued me and i would definitely be willing to try a lip cream from a different brand.

Have you tried these lip creams and what do you think?

SophaaRambles x

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