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Liz Earle is a brand that i have loved for years and Cleanse and Polish is my all time favourite cleanser however i have never tried any of their other products before. Liz Earle has only been around since 1995 but in those 10 years the brand has grown tremendously and is now widely available in stores like Boots and John Lewis. The brand is so well loved amongst bloggers and it is due to the simplistic nature of the products; both in terms of the ingredients and the way they are used.

During the summer, just before i left for America, i left all of my essential shopping until the last minute and had a sudden panic of what skincare i would take. I don't know if you have noticed but in the UK there is a serious lack of miniature skincare! I know what you are thinking why don't you just decant some of your current skincare, i don't like the way they travel and i like a smaller bottle that i can just throw away to make extra luggage space on the way back.

I made my way to my local Boots and went straight to the Liz Earle counter in hopes that they might have finally bought out a mini version of the Cleanse and Polish. Of course they hadn't but the sales assistant showed me this starter pack which had a smaller Cleanse and Polish in it. The Cleanse and Polish was really what i was looking for however this set seemed perfect for my needs. With the Cleanse and Polish, a tonic, a moisturiser and face mask i had everything i could need (minus an eye cream which i actually forgot to pack). I must admit i only took the Cleanse and Polish and the mosituriser with me but i have used all of the products. 

Obviously i know i love Cleanse and Polish and i won't tell you too much about it because i have spoken about it sooooooo much but if you haven't tried it basically, you need to. If you don't use skincare it is a really easy one to use and it works really well to take off any make up and to leave your skin feeling clean. Whilst i was in America i wasn't using as much make up but i was using an SPF everyday so i wanted a cleanser that would take all of this off and leave my skin feeling good.

I have to say the Instant Boost Skin Tonic isn't something i use very often however i do like this one. I used the Lush Tea Tree Tonic Water for almost a year and i didn't like it at all but this one makes my skin feel very clean and refreshed so i have enjoyed using it. I wouldn't buy the full size of this just because i don't really use tonic on a regular basis but if you do it might be something to look in to.

The two products i was super impressed with were the next two, one of which is the Skin Repair Light Moisturiser. I have been using this every day since i went on holiday and it is a lovely mosituriser. It is designed for combination/oily skin which i definitely think i have. When i was younger i did have some dry patches but the older i've got, i get a more oily t-zone. I use it in the morning because as it suggests it is super light and sinks into the skin really quickly so it makes a lovely base before your make up. It doesn't quench your skin quite like some other moisturiser but i use a richer moisturiser in the evenings to balance it out. Since i have been using this my make up has been sitting on my skin longer and i've found i haven't been looking as oily. I have been loving this product but i haven't decided if i like it enough to buy it or if i want to try something similar from a different brand. 

Anyhow on to the final product which i will definitely be buying the full size of and it is the Deep Cleansing Mask. The size in the pack is tiny and i managed about 3 masks out of it but it does such a good job of cleansing the face. After i has used this it made me look healthier and more radiant. It is quite thin when you apply it so you need to build it up however it dries quickly and comes off very easily with the sponges it comes with. My skin felt so soft after i had used it and the scent is very spa like, it is a rose scented geranium which is floral but very soft. It does smell quite strongly so i can imagine some people won't like it. Recently i have also been using the Eve Lom Rescue Mask and I've got to say, i prefer this one and it is a faction of the price.

Overall i was super impressed by all of the products in this set and if you are looking to try some of the Liz Earle skin care this is an amazing way of doing it. At £26 its not the cheapest and the sizes are quite small but the Cleanse and Polish lasted me the 3 weeks i was in America and the moisturiser has lasted me a few months. If, like me, you are heading on holiday and it is for a longer time this is a great set and i will definitely be getting more Liz Earle products. 

SophaaRambles x

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