Kat Von D Vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Liquid Lipsticks

As i said in my Kat Von D post i love a liquid lipstick and at the moment i think everyone else does as well. It can be really hard to work out which ones are really worth buying especially when some are quite hard to find and some are a little bit more expensive. On my summer holidays i really wanted to make sure that i got an Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick as once again they are a product which is spoken about all the time by other bloggers, some people love them and some people hate them and i wanted to be able to make my own opinion on it. For the most part everyone loves the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and i am no exception but the two products do differ quite a lot so i thought i would give you a little comparison of the two.

I will start off with the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita as i have spoken about it before and you don't want to read about it a thousand times. Lolita is a beautiful colour which would suit so many different people. It is a deep rosey brown with a hint of taupe to it. When i saw it in Sephora i originally thought it was the wrong one because it was darker than i was lead to believe from other bloggers. It is deeper than MACs Velvet Teddy and a lot more brown. The actual formula itself is very light, when you apply it to the lips you can barely feel it and you can really build it up so that the colour is vivid. I would say it takes about two/three coats to get it the same as it is in tube however it is worth it. I must say if you apply too much of it thought it does get sticky and takes a longer time to dry down which is slightly annoying when you have to top it up later on in the day. I have to say whenever i wear this one i am always surprised by how long it lasts and i can go a whole working day and only need to top it up once at lunchtime. I cannot recommend this lipstick enough and if you don't believe me then so many other people rave about these that it is pretty hard to argue with.

On the other hand the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks have very mixed reviews some people say they are too drying and some people absolutely love them. I have to say i sit somewhere in the middle, i do think they are quite drying and you really do need to prepare your lips if you are going to wear one. I tried wearing it to work the other day and i ended up taking it off as it flaked off of my lips because they were too dry. I have the shade Stripped which is much more nude than Lolita and is more of a light brown nude with no pinky tones. I am not sure if it suits me as it is quite nude and i am fairly pale. As i've already said this is quite drying when you wear it and i think it is more drying than the Kat Von D lipstick. It does dry down very quickly and it does take two coats for it to be completely opaque, this one is very hard to layer up and the less you can put on the better because it takes ages to dry down with the more layers there are. I find the wear time can really vary depending on the state of your lips if they are particularly dry then it won't last as long and will just flake off.

Both lipsticks are the same price however in terms of formula i prefer the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks however i think the shade range from Anastasia is much more wearable. If you keep your lips in good condition then you will be alright with the Anastasia lipsticks however if you are like me and a little bit lazy when it comes to lip care then they aren't as good. The Kat Von D lipsticks are now a lot easier to access in the UK whilst the Anastasia ones still remain quite hard to get as you have to ship them from America.

I hope this has helped anyone who might be going to America and is thinking about buying one of these and can only afford one. Or if you are just interested in what someone thinks about them. At the point i have tried a lot of liquid lipsticks so i have many opinions on them so if you want a review of any let me know

SophaaRambles xx

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