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I think it is safe to say that if you have ever read someones blog or if you are a youtube fan then at some point you will have heard about the Lush Winter range and most likely will have tried some. Ever year i say that i really like Lush for their winter products and i stand by this statement and my Lush Christmas has already started. Some of these products i have tried in the previous years but some of these are completely new. the ones i have tried before i will give you my opinion on them but the ones that are new i am still waiting to use so i will have to report back.

I will start with the two shower products i purchased, one of which i have used before and i love and the other which is new to Lush this year. Rose Jam is my favourite shower gel and last year i bought enough to last me the year and i've only just run out of last years supply. I just can not explain how much i love this shower gel or why, it just has the most perfect rose fragrance without being overwhelmingly floral. It has a hint of vanilla which sweetens it and lemon which keeps it fresh. I just love it!

The second shower product i bought is the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream, i'm using The Comforter Shower Cream as the moment and i do like the shower cream formula. When applied to my shower puff it lathers up nicely on the skin and my skin feels nicely moisturised when i get out of the shower. The only things i am not sure about when i consider using this product is the fact that it is green, The Comforter is a bright pink and when it is applied it does give the skin a tiny bit of colour so i am worried i am going to turn green. Also the scent isn't what i expected, the bath bomb in the same scent is one of my absolute favourites because it has the most warming scent ever but the shower cream smells exactly like cola to me and i'm not a massive fan of it but i will still use it. 

Speaking of Lord of Misrule i couldn't leave Lush with out one of the bath bombs and i will probably go back and get about 5 more of these before winter is over. I buy this every year and it has the most warming scent ever and is the best for a cold evening when you just want to relax and feel comforted. It has patchouli oil and vanilla oil in it which are both very warm scents. The bath bomb also turns your bath the most amazing wine shade which is just perfect for this time of year and makes you feel like you are in a mulled wine bath, i can't recommend this one enough.

The second bath bomb which looks very unexciting is the So White Bath Bomb which is ridiculously underrated probably because it is so boring looking, however it has the most beautiful scent of fresh apples which usually i don't like but it also has a little bit of rose oil mixed in as well making it slightly sweeter. When you put this in the bath it turns it a lovely light pink. Last year was the first year i bought this bath bomb and i can't believe i have missed out on it for all those years however i am making up for it now and i'm sure i will be buying more with my Lord of Misrule bath Bomb as well. 

Butterbear is definitely the cutest looking bath bomb out of them all, just look at that face, he looks so happy. He is also one of the best for your skin, this bath bomb has cocoa butter which is very moisturising so when you use this in the bath it leaves your skin feeling super soft. I bought one of these last year and i loved being enwrapped in the light vanilla fragrance. I liked it so much i actually starting buying Butterball throughout the year. (Butterball is the same product just shaped different)

The second product in this picture is my absolute favourite Lush product of ALL TIME!! I have been buying this since i was in my early teens and now i am in my twenties. Snowcake should be spoken about more but not enough people use soap. It is the creamiest soap ever but it doesn't melt away in your shower. It lathers up nicely on the skin making a sort of cream rather than a foam and leaves you smelling amazing. It smells like marzipan and who doesn't like that smell. This always reminds me of Christmas because i have been buying it for so long.

The penultimate product is a new one this year and it is called Yog Nog and it smells like Christmas in a bath bomb. It is sweet like biscuits but it also has a spicy element to it, almost like a ginger biscuit but a bit softer than that. Apparently it has Shea butter in it which is also good for the skin but you can tell just by looking at it that it is super sparkly so i felt like i need to be prepared to clean out my bath after i have finished. 

The final product i purchased in this Lush haul was the classic Christmas bath bomb, Golden Wonder. This is the freshest smelling bath bomb out of all of the ones i purchased as it is a citrus based product with a lot of citrus oils such as lime oil and orange oil. I have been on the Lush website researching these and i was surprised to find out that there is actually two versions of this bath bomb, one which has alcohol in it (a cheeky bit of Congac) and a non-alcoholic one which has stars in the centre. I think i have the alcoholic version but i'm not sure, either way this is a lovely smelling bath bomb which creates a gold mirage in ocean like water. 

I must admit i have left slightly disappointed this year, Lush have taken away some of my favourite products from last year. The Melting Snowman has GONE!!!! I haven't seen it anywhere and it was one of my favourites every year. I am also gutted not to see the Sparkler back which was for bonfire night last year but it has the same scent as Rose Jam and the most beautiful glitter came out of the centre but alas i will have to move on.

I did also get a few more of the Lush Christmas products whilst i was in the Oxford Street Store but there will be another post all about my adventures in the Lush flagship store.

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