The Ultimate Sales Treat

Its not very often that i have had the opportunity to treat myself but as you will see in the past few months i have done just that with my Chanel sunglasses purchase but i managed to get a real bargain in the summer sales which i have been waiting to tell you about. Last summer i wrote a post about my Ted Baker Sophia Bag which i bought with my first ever paycheck and the name Sophia was a sign that it was meant to be. Sophie is too close to Sophia and it was my favourite out of all of the Ted Baker bags available at the time. Since then i have been using that bag everyday and it is starting to look a bit tatty (Ted Baker bags aren't the most well made) so i decided it was time to upgrade and i knew the exact brand i wanted to replace it with.

I have had my eye on this brand for a while, the bags are classic and have a few pointers through out every style of bag so that you know it is a Sophie Hulme bag which is the square hard wear around the handles and chunky hard wear which i like a lot and also they are all come with a key ring attached which shows the collection that the bag was part of. The bags also have a very demure and there is something very understated about them. Personally i hate anything which has really big logos on it, i like a brand which not everyone would be able to tell it is a designer bag. My attention was first drawn to these bags by Viviannadoesmakeup and Lily Pebbles, they both have a Sophie Hulme bag and that's how i first heard of them. I then started to do my research and liked the bags even more. One day i was browsing and that was how i saw this bag pictured above. It was in the sale, it was originally £595 but it had gone down to half price and i knew it would probably be my only opportunity to own a Sophie Hulme bag. It is the Adjustable Tote Bag in Black.

It did take me a while to decide but in the end i went for it and i am very happy that i did. The things that put me off were the fact that it doesn't have a zip or anyway of closing the bag and the price. However i loved that it had a strap on it and it can also be worn just on your arm. It has a classic style which means i will always be able to use it and the leather is absolutely gorgeous. It fits everything i want in it and it has a little pocket in it to put all of the essentials in so that i don't loose them.

This is the first bag i have ever owned which has come with a dust bag and at the moment that is where it is sat. I have been using it but for the days that i am out and about shopping or seeing friends but when i just go to work i use my old Ted Baker bag. The fact that the brand is called Sophie Hulme is not lost on me or anyone else who i talk to about the bag.

I am so happy with this bag but hopefully buying a new handbag will not become a yearly thing. It was just good timing that i was looking in the sales for a Sophie Hulme bag and i found this one.

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