My Treat: Sunglasses

It is very rare that i will treat myself to something this extravagant and it only ever happens once a year (Kind of). Last year, as you might remember, i bought myself my first Ted Baker bag with my first ever pay check. I have never been so pleased with something i have saved up for and purchased but this new item has over taken it and i am fully in love.

When i was a lot younger Chanel was an aspiration brand that i always wanted a part of. To me they were the ultimate designer, obviously as i have gotten older i have realised that there are many designers and it isn't very affordable. However at the start of the year i started a new job and ever since i have been saving up for a treat item and when i saw these sunglasses i knew i had to have them. 

To me they are very simple with a classic design so that i never get bored of them and so that they will never go out of style. The most important thing to consider when you are treating yourself to something is whether or not you think you will still like it in 5 years. I am pretty sure i will still love these sunglasses in years to come, they are black oval shaped sunglasses with a small silver panel on the arm with a tiny little Chanel symbol on the side. I don't like anything which is too obviously branded because it looks kind of tracky so this is just the right amount for me. The shape of the sunglasses of very flattering on my small face, they aren't too big and they cover half of my face which is very important and they have a slight cat eye effect to them. 

Whenever i put them on they make me feel like i am Audrey Hepburn and i absolutely love her fashion and i think she is the epitome of class and style. I think when you are treating yourself it is also important that they make you feel amazing and elevate your mood when ever you wear them. I have never owned anything as designer as these sunglasses before and i couldn't be happier with my choice. They were quite expensive but at the end of the day they were a treat and i do plan on getting my wear out them. The moral of this story is that if there is something you have always wanted, get it, you deserve a cheeky treat item.

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