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MAC lipsticks are a product that everyone loves and when you first start getting into beauty, no matter what age that might be, you always start off by lusting over MAC lipsticks. When i was younger MAC was always a brand which was way too much for my £2 pocket money and the rubbish money i made from my paper round but when i left for university and now that i have a job i can afford a little bit of luxury in my life. MAC lipsticks are currently £15.50 which is quite a lot but Revlon lipsticks are currently around £8 so realistically they are the price of two drug store lipsticks. Compared to some collections i've seen my 6 lipsticks seems like nothing but when you add up the cost i am a little bit ashamed but these have been bought over quite a long time so i feel a little bit better about it. 

I currently have 6 lipsticks, 3 of which were limited edition and one Cremesheen lipglass which was also limited edition and i've decided to also include it because i only have the one. I will start from the left in the picture below so you know exactly which colour i am talking about. I am a fan of anything that is related to charity so when the Viva Glam X Rihanna Lipstick came out i knew i had to have it. I have spoken about this lipstick before quite a while ago but i still love it. It is a frost finish so it adds a shimmer to the lips as it has red and gold shimmer in it but not in massive chunks. This is a red that really suits me and it just glides on so smooth like most of the MAC lipsticks. I was inspired to buy this lipstick because of the first ever MAC lipstick i bought which was from the Rihanna Holiday Collection at the end of 2013. I was at home from uni and i saw the shade Pleasure Bomb and became obsessed and i had to have it. It was sold out online and then one day i went on and they had some more in stock and i bought it immediately. I waited a few days and it arrived, it is a bright pink with a matte finish and a slight blue tone to it. I still love it to this day but i must admit i don't wear it that often. Pleasure Bomb is the second from the left in the picture below, it has beautiful rose gold packaging which also made me want it even more. 

The next lipstick was from the Novel Romance collection and is called Lingering Kiss, it once again is a matte finish so like the Rihanna one slightly tugs on your lips as your apply it but they are both super long lasting. This shade is a very dark purple with a slight red undertone to it. When i first bought it i wasn't really sure about it but with a subtle eye and in the winter time, it is the perfect lipstick. All of the three shades i have spoken about so far are all very bright or distinctive shades so i am now going to move on to my favourites which are the nude shades. 

The most recent lipstick i picked up out of all of them is called Patisserie and it is a lustre finish which i must admit isn't my favourite, it does have big chunks of glitter in it and the glitter is noticeable on the lips. However it is the perfect my lips but better shade and i am very pleased i got it, it is more nude toned that the other two nudes i have in my collection. The next one is Peach Blossom which i have spoken about a ridiculous amount of times but i do love it and i think it might be my favourite out of all of them. As the name suggests it is a peach toned nude and it just looks amazing on any skin tone but especially if you use more brown toned eye shadows. Out of all of the lipsticks i have tried this is the one i would recommend. 

Peach Blossom is a cremesheen formula which is the same as Creme Cup, the final shade and cremesheen is my favourite formula. they are super smooth lipsticks that leave a tiny bit of a gloss to the lips as well. Moving on to Creme Cup, a very popular shade within the blogging community it is a pastel pink nude which looks amazing with a dark smoky eye. It is my most used MAC lipstick and soon it will run out. I like it but it is very similar to Peach Blossom and i think the undertones of Peach Blossom suit me more but when it runs out i will definitely be buying a new one.

Finally lets talk about the only Lipgloss i have from MAC which is a Cremesheen Glass called Seeking Adoration which was part of their 2014 holiday collection. I must say this hasn't inspired me to go out and buy more of their glosses but that is because i am not a massive fan of them but the shade of this is absolutely amazing. It adds a berry tint to your lips but it also has a slight blue shimmer in it which helps to brighten the face and some how makes your teeth look better. Personally i think the lipsticks are much better than the glosses.

That is my MAC lipstick collection, i know it is only small but i think it is quite a balanced collection i have every type of lipstick i need apart from a matte nude which is what i am currently looking for. (i ended up getting Velevet Teddy recently) There are brighter shades which i wear less and for special occasions and various nudes which i wear on a day to day basis. I never want to have a ridiculously big collection because they will go off before you can even use them up. I hope this has inspired you to go to your local MAC and pick up one of the shades (Peach Blossom is a must) but also to help your accept that you do not need a massive collection to have a good colour section.

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