Soap and Glory: The Righteous Butter

Have I found something to replace my beloved Body Shop butters? I think I might have. Soap and Glory has been a brand that i have constantly heard about for years; both from friends and when i have been reading blogs online but now i feel like it is a good time to admit to never having used any of their products before this year. There has been a lot of hype but i have always stuck with Lush and The Body Shop but now i think i have been converted.

For Christmas, in my stocking i found a little tub of The Righteous Butter and since then i haven't stopped using it. Firstly its smells incredible, it is a very light, fresh scent with a definite citrus undertone hidden amongst the scent of Shea butter and Cocoa Butter. This scent is deemed their 'signature scent' and i love it. Compared to The Body Shop who do a massive range of body butters the scent is completely different as it is not fruity and The Righteous Butter seems more delicate than any of the body butters i've had from The Body Shop.

The formula is just as important as the scent and to be honest i prefer the formula of The Righteous Butter to The Body Shop body butters. The Body Shop body butters are amazingly thick and feel luxurious on the skin but they also take a very long time to work into the skin and to sink into the skin which no one wants when they are in a rush trying to get ready for work. In comparison The Righteous Butter has a light, whipped feel to the formula and therefore takes no time to apply to the skin and sinks in very quickly whilst leaving the skin feeling moisturised. Once The Body Shop body butters have sunk into the skin yes they probably are more moisturising but for a quick application in the morning you need The Righteous Butter.

I would not get rid of my Body Shop butters because i do really like them and i do like the scents but it is a nightmare if you want to be somewhere quickly. If you haven't tried any Soap and Glory products i highly recommend this one and if you were trying to pick between the two i would get the Soap and Glory one because if you are young like me you probably don't need a heavy and thick body butter anyway. This product has inspired me to try more Soap and Glory and a post will be coming shortly on some of the other products i have been trying.

Let me know your favourite Soap and Glory product because i would love to be able to try some more,

SophaaRambles xx


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