Nails Inc x Victoria Beckham

Painting your nails can complete an outfit and can also make a statement. I love to paint my nails and when i am not working i always have some colour adorning my nails. The Nails Inc collaboration with Victoria Beckham has been something that i have heard a lot about but not from fellow beauty blogger more from the real world. When i heard about it i was instantly intrigued, even if you don't like Victoria Beckham she is a style icon and i always like keeping up to date with her style. When i first saw the two shades i thought that they were beautiful but i was definitely put off by the price, at £45 for the set of two i couldn't quite justify it at first but then i had a bad day so i thought i would treat myself.

First of all can i just talk about the packaging, the packaging is chic, classic and minimalist. The concept behind the packaging is the standard packaging that Victoria Beckham uses for her new store in London. When you buy the duo you get it in a bag which matches the box, this is all of Victoria's doing, Nails Inc do not usually have their own bags.  

The actual bottles of the nail varnish are made with a special type of glass (i can't remember which type of glass) but that's supposed to be impressive. I mean the glass is nice and cooling but i wouldn't say i even considered this fact when i was thinking about purchasing them. The bottles are covered in a frosted coating which makes them look sleek. They have little windows on the side which allows you to see what the shades are. In the white bottle, is a shade called Judo Red and in the black bottle is Bamboo White. I was originally drawn to Bamboo White, i always love a pale, nude shade because they are so timeless. 

As you can see above Bamboo White is a beautiful super pale pink shade which looks amazing during the day. The Chanel polish in 625 Secret, is my most used polish ever but i get a feeling this might over take it because it is a pale pink nude which looks classic, you can't go wrong with this shade. If you were thinking of getting on of these shades i would suggest this one because it is my favourite shade out of the two of them. Below is Judo Red which will be an amazing summer shade and also great for the evening as i always think of red as a little bit of a sexier colour. Judo Red is tomato red which personally i think is a less unique shade, the Chanel 687 Phenix which was their Christmas limited edition shade is very similar whereas Bamboo White is more individual. 

The formula of these polishes is what makes them worth the money (kind of) They are infused with bamboo extract which helps to create an elastic texture which helps to cover up the ridges and imperfections of your nails so that they look smooth and so that the polish glides on. So far i have been wearing Bamboo White for 3 days and i have minimal chipping so they are great if you want something that is going to last a long time.

In no way would i say that you need these polishes, they are a ridiculous amount of money for 2 nail varnishes. You can buy them individually for £25 each which is good if you only like one of the shades but it is more cost effective to buy both of them. If you were thinking of buying them and you were just looking for a review of them to give you that encouragement to buy them then i am ready to give you that little push you need. The shades are lovely and the formula is amazing, they are limited edition so i would think about getting them soon if you were planning on getting them.

SophaaRambles xx


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