Bobbi Brown: Mini Eyeshadow Palette

As well as the Nars Virtual Domiantion Palette, for Christmas i also got a little Mini Eye Shadow Palette by Bobbi Brown. Once again i have never had any Bobbi Brown products but i saw this in John Lewis and i thought it was the cutest palette i had ever seen. The palette itself is tiny so it is amazing for travelling and it is also packed full of very wearable colours. 

The bottom bit of the palette slides under the top so it folds away into a cute little palette. To be honest the bottom 4 shades seem much more wearable to me but i do like the others, just not as much. The top 4 shades seem a lot more cool toned and the bottom shades seem more warm toned. I hate to say it because i love a shimmer shade but the shimmer shades aren't very good in this palette. There are 3 shimmer shades, a pink, silver and gold but they just come across as a light shimmer rather than a pigment which i guess i expected it to be. However for once the matte shades are amazing in this palette.

I have never been a massive fan of matte shades but in the case of this palette they are the best so when i travel i can use this palette for a matte neutral eye which i have never used before. I love the shades in this palette but i just wish the shimmer shadows were more shimmery.

SophaaRambles xx


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