What Do You Use For Your Brows?

A few months ago I made the switch from brow powder to a eyebrow pencil and it made me life so much easier and now my brows have been improved by a new product, the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil. However just to confuse you there are two of them and they are both amazing in their own different ways.

Firstly the Archery Brow Precision Pen and Brow Tint is the older of the two and the one which converted me. It is £10 and have two different ends, one is a felt tip like brow tint so you can basically colour in your brows and the other end is a waxy brow shaper which also adds colour. It is quite thick in shape and the consistency of the wax is quite hard but it does shape your brows whilst giving a bit of colour. I've had this pen so long that the felt tip end has dried up but the wax end is the one I really use and it is coming to an end. The problem with this one is that the wax end is quite thick so you cannot get the precision required for brows. However the new Soap and Glory Archery pencil changes this.

The other week I was in Boots and i saw the newer version and I knew I wanted to try it but I wasn't close enough to the end of my current one to justify buying it. Then I saw lily pebbles write about it and I went out and bought it, i can't help it, i'm weak and when people recommend something i usually just buy it. Back to the point, Lily compared it to the Anastasia Brow Wiz and I've always wanted to try it but it is too difficult to try and get my hands on, whereas if i want the Soap and Glory one I can just pop into my local Boots and get one. 

This pencil is different because on one end it has the waxy part, the same as the older pencil but it is a lot thinner allowing for a more precise and hair like drawing in your brows. On the other end is a spoolie which helps tame your brows. I am still very amateur at doing my brows and I've never had a spoolie in my life but now I realise how important they are to taming and shaping your brows. This pencil is £8 and is a lot better for me as I never used the felt tip end anyway and I would rather have the spoolie on the end. 

Overall both pencils are good it's just up to you which one you feel fits better within your brow routine. Have you tried the soap and glory brow products and what did you think of them?

SophaaRambles xx


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