The Body Shop: Body Butters

The Body Shop Body Butters have been my go to moisturising body product for years now and usually i buy the same scent but last week i decided to try a new scent, i know it was scary times but i've gotten through it. Well actually the reason i had to buy a new scent was because i always buy the vanilla body butter every year at Christmas but i wait for it to be half price before i buy it but i am half way through my current one and the vanilla one isn't even out yet. (After writing the majority of this, the vanilla one is out but still full price) So i had a look in their sale to see which one i wanted to try.

I have heard a lot about the raspberry one due to Fleurdeforce and other youtubers taking about it but i decided against their advice and went for a peach one instead. At the moment i am loving everything that is peach: peach iced tea, peach cup cakes and everything peach coloured. It was only £6 instead of £13 which i think is a bargain and it has the sweetest, lightest smell ever. It is perfect for spring/summer which unfortunately is not good for the current climate but i still have my vanilla one to get me through the winter.

The important question is not what scent of body butter i bought but why do i always stick to The Body Shop Body Butters and never try anything new? Well let me tell you, i love them and it is because they are always beautifully scented, you never smell one and think that smells awful you just think that maybe that scent isn't for you. Also the consistency is lovely, they feel quite thick but very moistursing which i like. They do take a bit of time to sink into your skin but i don't find this a problem as i don't moisturise my whole body every day, i just moisturise my arms everyday. Due to this thicker feeling, it feels very luxurious on your skin and i like to pamper myself.

There is a reason why everyone raves about the Body Butters because they do work and i would recommend buying one even if you don't use it everyday. They have so many scents so if the ones i have spoken about don't appeal to you they will have one which does. I only buy them when they are half price so keep an eye out for a sale and they always have a body butter in the sale.

Which is your favourite body butter scent?

SophaaRambles xx


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