Why L'oreal??

So as everyone knows I am a fan of Cheryl (The one who was Cheryl Cole and now has a really long name) and you should also know I am a even bigger fan of the L'Oreal nude collection and Cheryl's lipstick within this range. The other day I realised I am running dangerously low on the lipstick and wanted to buy a new one but nowhere had the Cheryl one. I noticed that they had some new additions to the collection, they have added red shades but Cheryl's lipstick was no more. Instead of the Cheryl one they have a J.Lo one, I think the colour is exactly the same but the idea of buying a J.lo lipstick really put me off getting it. I know this is silly but I really don't like J.Lo for no particular reason and it annoys me that she has replaced Cheryl.

My question is why has this happened; is J.lo more popular than Cheryl? I mean she is probably know better worldwide but Cheryl is Britain's sweetheart. I will unfortunately probably end up getting the J.Lo one if it is exactly the same shade as the Cheryl one because i do love the lipstick but i am just disappointed.

What i would like to know from you is whether or not you are happy with this change and if you think the shade is the same.

SophaaRambles xx


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